Two tiny apartments, two completely different approaches

My husband would argue that we have too much space. I would argue that we should have more children to fill that space. Eventually I expect to be found by police, strangled to death, with a crumpled mortgage statement protruding from my mouth. But whichever one of us is right, we’re very lucky that we have a house in a city full of apartments.

Nobody I know, though, has an apartment as small as either one of these. These two guys live in teeny teeny tiny apartments. While the first guy takes a “You just don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy!” approach, the second guy obviously does not want to give up his giant CD collection, books, and a certain level of comfort and flexibility. For crying out loud, he’s managed to cram a soaker bath tub and a guest bed into a 330 square foot apartment! And while a flat-panel TV is good enough for the first guy, the second guy has one of those plus a huge screen that comes down from the ceiling, turning his one-room apartment into a screening room.

The first video is a little slow and long, but the second one is not to be missed. He’s dubbed his apartment the “Domestic Transformer” and it totally is.


So what can small apartment dwellers, who don’t have tons of money to make custom-built everything, take away from this? Be super neat, with a place for absolutely everything. Buy furniture that acts as hidden storage. Have multiple uses for things. Look at how boats and RVs are designed. And above all, don’t have a spouse or children – they just take up too much space.

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    Wow! That’s all you can really say. This is amazing. If I wasn’t already impressed with the first video, I was simply astounded by the second one with the sliding walls and the ability to make for 24 different rooms. Amazing!

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