The view from the couch

So here I am, on my couch for the third day. Here’s the timeline of events:

On Sunday, I stupidly helped my husband move something very heavy. I didn’t hurt myself at the time, but woke up a little sore the next morning.

On Monday, while vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner ran into the wall and I got jerked backwards in a weird, twisty way. My lower back totally seized up. Kind of serves me right for vacuuming. I took Advil and my awesome neighbor brought me a hot water bottle.

On Tuesday I woke up feeling much better. Then I did something that should really only be done under a doctor’s supervision: I cleaned the toilet. I bent down in a weird way and was suddenly on the floor, in worse pain than the day before.

After spending the day on the couch I managed to drive Jake to Tae Kwon Do and go to the drug store to get some stick-on heating pad things. Then my husband came home and decided that since I’d felt well enough to go to the drugstore I was well enough to walk up three flights and put the kids to bed. So I killed him.

This morning the Icy Hot pads I’d ordered on Amazon came and they may be the best thing ever invented, and I’m including chocolate and pedicures in that. I managed to load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen without throwing my back out once again. I’m giving myself a break on the couch and then I’m going to get on the floor and try some gentle stretching.

Getting old sucks. The number of things I’ve done to my body with no ill effects – falling down every stair in my house, walking in stupid shoes, lifting huge writhing toddlers while they tried to kick me, putting together huge IKEA shelves that you’re supposed to put together with another person, walking/jogging a half marathon without nearly enough training – are telling me that until this point I just got lucky. Now I actually have to pay attention to lifting heavy things and I can’t be so careless.

The upside? I may be able to talk myself into getting a housekeeper. Apparently I’m too delicate to clean a toilet. I can live with that.

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  1. says

    I’m so sorry you’re still feeling bad! I really hope it gets better soon. I do love to read your writing though. You always make me laugh…I’m not laughing AT you, understand ;) Feel better.

  2. KateNonymous says

    When I was in grad school, one of my friends and I had a mock contest based on which of us had the greater number of “stupid injuries.” These included cutting one’s thumb on a yogurt lid and repeatedly hitting oneself in the wrist with a baseball bat. Sounds like your vacuuming incident would fit perfectly.

  3. says

    too much work can kill you! or was that love? lol. anyway, hope you’re feeling better! a steam bath and a full body massage would help a lot! try acupuncture too!

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