Raising money for every mother’s nightmare

This afternoon I took Fiona out of school early and we headed to Moomah Cafe, also known in whispered tones as the kid cafe owned by Jon Stewart’s wife. Of course, I already have a deep and meaningful relationship with Jon Stewart, so I was going to this event strictly for selfless reasons and not in the hope that Jon would show up to give his wife her forgotten cell phone or something like that.

That didn’t happen, but Fiona and I did make out like bandits at the raffle. I won a big credit on one of my favorite sites, Gaggle of Chicks (full disclosure: I’ve worked with them on occasion), which I will be putting to very good use. And Fiona won a Corolle doll and stroller (which, frankly, is nicer than anything I ever pushed my own kids around in).

The timing on this couldn’t have been better. Fiona’s old doll stroller fell victim to our renovation: it’s been lost somewhere on the disastrous parlour floor, surely covered in five years of construction dust. Just this weekend Fiona tried to fashion stroller wheels for a basket, and was confused as to why the “wheels” weren’t turning (she seemed to think more tape would solve the problem). So she’s been playing with her prizes non-stop since we got home.

Fiona’s old doll stroller:

Fiona's old stroller

Fiona’s new doll stroller:

Fiona's new stroller

Another NYC blogger, Jessica, was hosting this event to raise money for an incredibly worthy cause: pediatric cancer research. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was started when Gretchen and Larry Witt found out that their two-year-old son, Liam, had cancer. In a desperate attempt to raise money and awareness, they managed to sell 96,000 cookies in three weeks, with the help of 250 volunteers and other families going through the same thing. $400,000 was raised and a movement was born, a movement that sadly has outlasted Liam’s life: he died this past January after battling cancer for four years.

I’m going to be holding my own little bake sale over the holiday weekend, and Glad is matching not just my donation, but any bake sale donations from registered bake sales held in May (up to $225,000). So if you’re inspired and want to help, you can hold your own! Just make sure to register your bake sale on the website, which also has other helpful info for holding your bake sale. And if you don’t want to hold your own, you can purchase gourmet cookies right from the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer site. These make great gifts, and 100% of the profits go directly towards pediatric cancer research.

The Giveaway

As if the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get helping fund pediatric cancer research isn’t enough, Glad is also giving one of my readers a very nice baking set worth $125. The set includes an OXO mixing bowl, spatulas, and cookie scoop, Williams-Sonoma cookie cutters and cooling rack, a Maxi-Aid No Touch baking sheet, and a Silpat non-stick baking mat. It’s one of those prizes that I wish I could win myself!

Glad baking kit

To enter to win, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me…basically anything. Tell me how your day is going, about how cancer has touched you, talk about baking, anything.

For a second entry, you may tweet about this contest with a link back to this page. Or, you can copy and tweet the following:

Stop by @SelfishMom’s giveaway 4 a baking set worth $125 & find out why she’s spending this weekend baking for charity http://bit.ly/lLRZtN

Make sure to leave a second comment with a link to your tweet, or it won’t count (instructions on how to find and post the url of your tweet can be found here).

So, that’s a maximum of two entries per household please! This contest will close at noon-ish on Sunday, May 29th. The winner will be chosen by random.org. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Prizes may be shipped within the continental United States only. See my complete Giveaway Rules page for more information.

Good luck!

My Bake Sale

For anyone in Brooklyn who has been listening to me talk about how awesome my baking is, now’s your chance to sample it for a good cause. I’ll be spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this upcoming holiday weekend baking and delivering, and if you’re in Brooklyn you can get in on it. I’ll be donating all of the supplies and, of course, the labor. Details coming in the next post…

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  1. says

    Lovely to see you and Fiona today at the benefit. I was thrilled to hear your name called at the raffle (isn’t more fun when people you know win?!)

    Heartbreaking that families have to deal with these situations but they do and it’s empowering to be able to help out, even in the smallest ways. Good luck with your bake sale!

  2. Jessica says

    Hi Amy,
    What a wonderful fundraiser! I hope you raise a lot. There is nothing more tragic than a sick little child.

  3. says

    Great resource for families dealing with cancer is Wonders and Worries here in Austin, TX. They help parents and kids learn to discuss the entire topic and were a big help to our family. Thanks for helping the cause. We appreciate you!

    John (aka Brandflair)

    PS – I am one of those man-cooks in the house and love OXO. Try their mango cutter. So great!

  4. says

    @SelfishMom’s is baking for #cancer #charity this weekend and #giving away a #baking set worth $125. Help the cause. http://bit.ly/lLRZtN

    There you go. I will also reach out to a few friends who run cancer Non-profits and ask that they re tweet. Cheers!

  5. says

    Love the ‘stroller’ :) And great giveaway!!! Wish I could’ve joined y’all yesterday … helped design the banners/etc for Jess.

  6. says

    Hi Amy-

    Congratulations on winning the Gaggle of Chicks credit! Please send me an email to: elizabeth@gaggleofchicks.com and we will make sure to get the credit deposited into your Gaggle account!

    Thanks for attending the benefit and hosting your own bake sale. This is such an worthwhile cause.

  7. Denise Traynor says

    I’m so proud of you, AMY and am so thankful that so far Jake and Fiona and Chloe are healthy.

  8. Zmama says

    Jessica organized such a nice event! Love the cause too! So proud to see moms do great work! Good luck with the bake sale!!