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Sweet Tweets – a lunchtime reminder that I love her

Just before spring break Fiona and I went to a great event at a really cute classroom/kitchen for kids in Manhattan called Taste Buds. We were there to get some tips on making lunches fun, and it was all presented by Sweet Tweets. There were lots of supplies cut and ready for the kids to […]

Healthy Choices

[The following post is sponsored by Healthy Choice] Anyone who reads this blog fairly regularly knows that I’ve had some ups and downs with my weight. My goal is to once again be a size ten, which is the smallest I’ve been since becoming a mom. Totally reasonable goal. I can get back there again. […]

“Bar & Sheet hit the Street” with Bounce

[The following post is sponsored by Bounce] So I’m a Bounce girl – it’s pretty much the only fabric softener I’ve used since…well, since I started buying my own laundry products, I guess. I even went through a period in my early 30s when my skin was super-duper sensitive, and the only fabric softener that […]

No family deserves this

Later today when I get a chance I’ll be blogging about all of the wonderful things happening in my life. Our cat, who had been missing since Friday, is back – thanks to a network of cat lovers in the neighborhood. Today is Fiona’s seventh birthday, so I’ll be bringing cupcakes to school and we’ll […]