The sights and smells of Cape May


The first thing I noticed when I got off of our bus in Cape May earlier this month was the smell. Clean. Ocean-y. Clean. (Sorry, I live in NYC – I have to mention the clean smell twice.) Even when you’re in town a few blocks from the waterfront you can still smell it. I…

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Today’s agenda: diva edition

The first half of this day promises to be lazy…at least for the kids. It’s their first day of summer vacation so I’m going to ask nothing of them except basic hygiene. Later, though, we head to Fiona’s big singing performance! She was in an after-school chorus this year, and the director, Ian Jones, thought…

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Rats! Or, um, rat.


In the thirteen years I’ve lived in the NYC area I’ve seen plenty of rats. But never on the subway platform, right in front of me. The kids and I just stepped off of a C train at Canal Street and I almost stepped ON it! I was just about to take a picture of…

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My continuing war on mosquitos


I purchased the Stinger Indoor Insect Trap on for $24.99 (free two-day shipping with the totally worth-it Amazon Prime) and set it up five days ago. The instructions said to put it in a dark place, about three to six feet off the ground. Since our front hallway is hidden from windows and seems…

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