Randomosity, What the hell is THAT? edition

I find the weirdest bugs in our downstairs bathroom. I don’t even want to know what this one is.



Michelle Obama is my hero. Now I’m just waiting for a few particular Republicans to find a way to criticize the First Lady for being physically fit.


Fiona performed with her school chorus at the Fort Greene Festival yesterday. They were adorable.


It was a warm-up for this coming Wednesday June 29th, at 7pm, when they perform at LIU’s Kumble Theater, along with the other students of Fiona’s awesome choral director, Ian Jones (don’t tell him, but every mom has a crush on him; that’s him on the left playing keyboards). If you’re in Brooklyn and want to come see some really enthusiastic and talented students, from pre-K kids all the way up to high school students, tickets are only $5.

Email Ian Jones for more info and to purchase tickets.


I can now, if I want to (and why wouldn’t I?!?), get my very own dot selfishmom url. Like, my blog could be blog.selfishmom. Of course, the application fee is $185k, which is a slight increase from the $20/year I’m paying now for SelfishMom.com. Still…

Expect a slew of .Coke, .BMW, and .Microsoft urls. And, of course, .Trump. Because he just won’t be able to resist.


You have almost a year to save up for a trip to Vegas for your guy for Father’s Day, so that he can do this.


Please note: if you’re planning on scamming passers-by out of cash by telling them that your baby died and you need money for the funeral, try to figure out – and memorize – the salient details first, like the baby’s birthday, and deathday, and the hospital where he died, and his doctor’s name. Slackers.


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