Today’s agenda: diva edition

The first half of this day promises to be lazy…at least for the kids. It’s their first day of summer vacation so I’m going to ask nothing of them except basic hygiene.

Later, though, we head to Fiona’s big singing performance! She was in an after-school chorus this year, and the director, Ian Jones, thought that it was important to have all of his students (from several different schools around the city and all different age groups) experience performing in a “real” theater. He raised over $3,000 to rent out Long Island University’s Kumble Theater (actually not on Long Island, but near us in Brooklyn), and tonight is the big night.

Check out this video, a little sneak peek from this past weekend at the Fort Greene Festival:

Young Voices Big Sounds from Andrew Borden-Chisholm on Vimeo.


Of course, poor Jake is stuck with us at the theater from 3:30 on, so I’m hoping the iPad can amuse him for that long.

And when we get back, late tonight, I will start packing for our trip to Buffalo, something I should’ve been doing all week. And I’ll be packing lots of pants, because I never did make it out of the house yesterday for a wax while the kids were in school. I know, tiny violins…

UPDATE: Oh, and I almost forgot: later today I’ll be posting the last part of my Cape May/Congress Hall review series. It really was an amazing place – I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Denise Traynor says

    Such a great video clip. Good luck Fiona. Wish i could be there. I love everyone jumping out of the port a potties.

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