The best non-stick pan I’ve ever used in my entire life. Seriously

How’s that for a review headline? It’s not an exaggeration. I’m something of a cookware nut, with a drawer full of expensive pans, including lots of Calphalon One. But I’d never even heard of GreenPan before encountering the company at a gift guide trade show. I didn’t linger at the table too long because, well, I’m not all that green. I’m happy to do my part for the environment up to a point, and that point is when I have to give up quality in exchange for being green. I never would have purchased this pan without trying it first. I would have been too skeptical. I was curious enough to accept a unit for review, but didn’t expect to like it.

Turns out they already had me pegged on their site. They describe their mission as bringing “constainability” to their products: “‘Convenient’ as we don’t ask you to change your lifestyle, ‘sustainable’ as we are preserving the natural resources of our planet in a responsible way.” I’m helping without having to do anything. That’s how I like my green living.

I can say without reservation that this is the best non-stick pan I’ve ever used. GreenPan sent me a 12-inch frying pan from their GreenPan Copenhagen collection. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and have been trying it out with foods that usually require lots of oil or butter to keep from sticking. When I make scrambled eggs I want them to slide out of the pan, and I hate it when a thin layer of egg sticks and burns and then gets all over the “good” egg, but that usually requires an amount of oil that I’m just not willing to use.

GreenPan (3)I first tried cooking scrambled eggs in my GreenPan with a small amount of butter. I couldn’t believe it, but the eggs just slid around like they were on a thick coating of oil. Next time I tried them with no butter or oil at all. Not only did nothing stick, but there were no little overcooked bits, and once I took the eggs out of the pan you couldn’t even tell I’d cooked anything in it!

GreenPan (4)This morning Jake wanted pancakes, so I did the ultimate test: pancakes in the GreenPan with no oil or butter whatsoever. Adding to the difficulty, Jake likes chocolate chips in his pancakes, and they usually burn right onto the surface of whatever pan I’m using. But not this one! It was flawless. I was able to wipe out the little bits of chocolate that remained with a paper towel, instead of the scrubbing I have to do on my other pans. (Of course, I wouldn’t use this pan routinely for pancakes, unless I only needed to make one at a time – I just wanted to test out the surface.)

GreenPan (2)I even used it to reheat macaroni and cheese. I figured that all that cheese sauce would stick and get crusty, but no. Not one bit. I’m seriously impressed.

The design of this pan is fantastic, with no rivets inside for food to cling to. Plus the handle is all metal, which means you can put it right into the oven no problem.

I think the best test of a review unit is asking myself, would I buy it with my own money? Well, I love this pan so much that I purchased an 8-inch GreenPan as well. I’m pretty sure that the next one I’m going to buy is the GreenPan Dubai 8” loaf pan – just the other day I ruined a loaf of rye when I couldn’t get it out of its oiled pan. I can’t wait to report on that one.

I also desperately want to purchase GreenPan universal lids for my pans, but can’t seem to find them online in the US – I’ve written to the company and will update this post with what I find out. UPDATE: The universal lids aren’t available in the US yet! Wahhhh! But I’ll let you know when they are.

So, to sum up: if you care about the environment and want to buy your cookware and bakeware from a company that also cares, GreenPan is for you. And if you don’t care about the environment at all but just want the best nonstick pan out there, GreenPan is also the company for you. I almost wonder if they’d have better sales among people like me if they marketed the same products under a non-green name.

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  1. Melissa B. says

    I bought one of these at Target about 3 months ago and instantly fell in love! I can’t wait to replace the rest of my cooking wear with them. That loaf pan link seriously MADE my day! I had no idea they had anything other than pans!

  2. charles Colp says

    I recently got one of these as well and wouldn’t trade it for any other nonstick pan. One of the best products I have used and I have VERY expensive kitchen equipment but that pan is exactly what it claims to be and more.

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, this looks AMAZING! I seriously avoid cooking anything that is going to require me to use my frying pan… I’ve tried all the brands from the target, etc… and they are not good. THANK YOU!!!

  4. says

    Wow! I want to have this frying pan. My non-stick pan is no longer non-stick. It’s so disappointing to fry fish and leaves bits of skin in the pan. This GreenPan is made from up-cycled materials and no toxic chemicals inside. I will definitely try this.

  5. Elissa says

    Hmmm I have one of those ‘other’ green pans – and it is a disaster. It does everything you thought your pan WOULD do…in fact, we’ve pretty much stopped using it. I’m pretty sure Calphalon sells their wares in Canada. (and I love the handle too! does it stay cool to the touch??)

    • says

      @Elissa: Now, hopefully I didn’t confuse you – it’s not made by Calphalon. I just mentioned them as evidence that I’ve spent good money looking for a good non-stick pan. GreenPan is a Belgian company. Amazon sells it, will Amazon deliver to you way up there?

    • says

      @Elissa: Oh, and yes, the handle has stayed very cool so far. Although, I wasn’t doing any super-hot frying or anything. GreenPan makes other pans with handles that are designed to stay cool, but I like to be able to put my pans in the oven.

      • Elissa says

        Amazon does deliver up here…! But will still take a look at my fave housewares store…great review!

  6. Sue says

    Hello selfish mom, do you still like the green pan after a few months of wear and tear? I’m in the market for a non-stick skillet!

    • says

      @Sue: 100%! I bought a smaller one also for eggs and I use them both all the time. My only complaint is that the lids aren’t available in the US yet, but some day…

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