Today’s Agenda: Last day without kids edition

So tomorrow I drive back to Pennsylvania to pick the kids up from their week at sleep-away camp. Today is my last day to soak up the kidlessness until…Saturday. When they go to Florida with The Ass for five days. I think I hear many tiny violins playing…

So today I will try to tackle all of the laundry that is not theirs, since I anticipate them coming home with some very stinky and dirty stuff.

I’m also going to redeem some Gaggle of Chicks vouchers. I did some work for GoC and got paid in credit on their site, then I won another big credit on their site, and went on quite a spree. I’ll start off by shopping on and If I’m not too shopped out I might tackle custom chocolate bars on And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of deals that I have waiting for me. I have a big cleaning and organizing credit coming from Next Level Services, so I may try to book that for when the family is gone. Let them come home to cleanliness and organization. Aren’t I the best?

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