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Today’s agenda: breakfast at my mom’s edition

So, we got into Buffalo last night a little past midnight after an uneventful drive from Brooklyn. I only had to yell once, after Fiona decided that the best way to get the iPad from her brother would be to mimic what he was saying. I slept in this morning until a blissful 9:45. I […]

Today’s agenda: blah

I’m so completely uninspired to do anything today. I’ve got a giant cold sore on my lip and eight hours in the car ahead of me, held up only by the fact that I have to do several loads of laundry before I can even leave. And since much of my mood has to do […]

Notes from an open house survivor

There should be a support group for people who’ve held an open house in order to sell an apartment or house. Between keeping my kids from dirtying the place up ten minutes after I cleaned it to worrying about someone stealing my jewelry to stressing over what to do with the dirty laundry while people […]

Today’s Agenda: Last day with the turtles edition

So tomorrow the kids and I are celebrating the long Rosh Hashanah weekend by driving our pain in the ass turtles to my mom in Buffalo. She has a long history of stepping in and rescuing all of her kids from their pets, but she legitimately begged for these. If you’ll recall, I never wanted […]

Pandigital Picture Frame: great gift idea for WiFi-less folks

I’ve looked at a few different wireless picture frames to give to various relatives over the years, but the problem is that the older relatives don’t have WiFi in their homes. So, I would have to rely on flash drives or SD cards to get new pictures to them, and honestly there’s not much chance […]

When Harrison met Maggie, plus a Got Milk? giveaway!

So you may have seen my tweets about #FlatHarrison, or my friend Heidi’s awesome posts about how she brought him cross-country for me. Last week I made a mini version to bring with me to the unveiling of the newest Got Milk? campaign with their new featured celebrity (and fellow Brooklyn mom), Maggie Gyllenhaal. Maggie’s […]

Today’s agenda is largely yesterday’s agenda

So my husband came home last night for his birthday dinner and the first words out of his mouth were: “So, out of the three items you were going to do today, how many got done?” Dammit, I keep forgetting he reads my blog! I hate accountability! His cake was in the freezer ready to […]

Randomosity: fainting workers, commas, & Brad Pitt

Normally I don’t go for do-it-yourself crafty stuff, but these homemade sandwich and snack containers are actually pretty cool. Turn A Milk Jug Into A Sandwich Box ********** Not a week goes by that I don’t order something from (Amazon Prime shipping just makes it too easy). But I don’t like thinking that workers […]

Listen to your Mother(lode)

I’ve loved Lisa Belkin’s column in the New York Times since I first read it. She tackles every parenthood issue you could think of with fairness, curiosity, and experience. And she writes really well. Her newest post, about whether or not all parents love one child more, is already igniting quite a discussion in the […]

Today’s Agenda, in pictures

Today is my husband’s birthday, so I’ll be baking him a cake. I baked him a completely last-minute cake from a mix on Saturday for his birthday party (how the hell did I forget a cake?), and I think he would be happy to skip it today, but we’ll be having dinner tonight with the […]