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Halloween craziness

So to say my neighborhood gets into the Halloween spirit would be a bit of an understatement. It goes crazy. There are several streets that get closed down. There are live shows. There are insane numbers of people. It’s quite impressive. We actually live on the outskirts of the neighborhood now, where there aren’t as […]

Today’s Agenda: More Slim-Fast edition

So I’m pumped. I said last week that this week would be the true test of my Slim-Fast experiment, since I always lose a lot of water the first week on any diet. And I’m happy to say that I weighed in this morning, and have lost a little over two pounds this week! I’m […]

Style Snaps review: I was shocked that they worked

Whenever I see a product being sold primarily on TV I assume it doesn’t work. I assume that the producers tried to get it sold through regular channels, with no luck, and turned to bad TV ads and direct shipping instead. So I’m always shocked when one of these products works. This is what happened […]

Today’s Agenda: costume edition

I’m really terrible about buying Halloween costumes on time. But I think last night’s excursion to Party City with the kids might have cured me of my procrastination once and for all. The kids and I had to wait outside – in the rain – just to get in to the store. Then we had […]

Sitting down with Dr. Oz

So we’re right in the middle of our discussion with Dr. Oz. I’m here at his show with a fantastic group of bloggers (gathered by Barbara Jones of the One2One Network) talking about nutrition, weight loss, legislation, and other topics and I just have to say that he’s awesome. Friendly, open, helpful, and passionate. The […]

Today’s Agenda: Dr. Oz edition

So I’m on my way to Rockefeller Center to attend a roundtable discussion with some fabulous bloggers and Oz the Great and Terrible. No, wait, wrong Oz. I’ll be meeting Dr. Oz, the one who rose to fame on Oprah and keeps making me look up the word “omentum.” (Many thanks to Barbara Jones and […]

Today’s Agenda: Ghostbuster graffiti edition

I don’t support graffiti, of course, but if you just have to deface something, make it as funny as the sign I just saw in my subway station. I’m on my way to an event centered around video games for girls, put on by Techlicious and hosted by my friend Jessica, who just might be […]

Week 1 Slim-Fast weigh in

I’m done with my first week on the Slim-Fast plan. Slim-Fast sent me two weeks’ worth of products to try, so for seven days I’ve basically been following their plan: a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, three 100-calorie snacks, and a 500-calorie dinner. It really wasn’t that hard. The shakes fill me up […]

Today’s Agenda: laundry take-over edition

My birthday on Saturday was great. It was such a “me” day. My entire family was prepared to let me sleep in, but for reasons I don’t understand I woke up at 7am. The Ass gave me the day completely off by taking Jake to Tae Kwon Do and going to a school meeting for […]

Me, 38 years ago

I woke up as a thirty-nine-year-old this morning, and I just got a birthday email from my mom, with my first passport scanned in: Now I’m just staring at it, seeing both of my kids in my face, and getting a little weepy. Thanks, Mommy! :-) Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on […]