Today’s Agenda: I wish I drank coffee edition

The kids & I got into Brooklyn last night a little after 11. Only for my friend Julia Beck would I then be up again early enough for an 8:30am event on the UES.

But I’m excited to hear the wonderful speakers, including the fabulous Liz Lange, Joanne Bamburger, and Kimberly Seals Allers, at the Museum of Motherhood.

After that it’s off to Target to buy gym pants for Jake, who went to school today in shorts, because I couldn’t find any sweatpants for him this morning that remotely fit. I was able to see my breath outside when I left the house, and he’s in shorts. I’m expecting a call from the principal, followed by my Mother of the Year nomination.

Then? Oh, all of the usual craziness that follows being out of town, but times ten since I have a very busy week ahead. School trips and middle school application stuff and PTA volunteer work, deadlines, an exciting meeting with a certain Hollywood A-lister…you know, the usual. :-)

Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. says

    Good grief. Don’t bother getting a cup of coffee; caffeination by intraveneous drip would be much more effective. Will you be able to disclose the identity of the celebrity?

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