Today’s agenda: mosquito wake-up call edition

It’s the tenth of October and I can’t believe I’m still talking about mosquitoes. Today is a holiday, the kids have no school, and I’d planned on sleeping in until at least nine. But at sixth-thirty, I woke up when a mosquito buzzed my head. I tried to get back to sleep – completely under the covers, hoping he wasn’t trapped in there with me – but couldn’t. After about fifteen minutes I got up and tried to find the little bugger.

I found him – and missed him – four times. Finally I went downstairs to get our mosquito zapper racket, and when I came back into my room I found him immediately. He was perched on my bedroom mirror, and was pretty small. I couldn’t believe that that little guy had woken me up. I killed him and was about to go back to bed, when I spotted a giant mosquito on the ceiling. That was the guy. That was the one that had buzzed my head.

One of our smaller step ladders was in our room, so I slowly opened it up and climbed to the top. The surest way to kill a mosquito with the racket when it isn’t flying is to bring the racket parallel to the surface and move in, giving the mosquito nowhere to go but straight into the racket. I wasn’t high enough though. I waved at the ceiling and as he took off, I took a swing at him and…saw one tiny blue spark. If you really hit one of these guys there’s a big blue flash and a loud pop, and if it actually gets trapped in the racket it crackles and pops for about ten seconds. I’d just barely touched this one it seemed, and wasn’t sure if it was still alive. I thought maybe I’d just injured it, so I searched around the floor but couldn’t find it. So, here I am, staying awake for a while reading and writing, waiting to see if it reappears. Then I’ll try to sleep some more.

I really wanted to take the kids to the movies today and do a little shopping, but I don’t know if it’s in the cards. Jake has to finish a big project for school, and I’ve got about half a day’s work to do on the bathroom (I’ll post about that later). And after my mosquito wake-up call, I’m guessing a nap will be part of the plan as well. Fun way to spend a holiday.

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  1. Cara says

    I have a really easy solution for you and I’m sorry I didn’t mention it before. Here in the tropics you will not find anyone sleeping without a fan blowing on them. You just have a fan blowing at your bed…even set on low and it will keep the mosquitos away from you….works amazingly well!

  2. Cara says

    Honestly we sleep with a fan also because it is so hot and I had forgotten about the mosquitos until one night when the power went out and they were all over us.

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