Today’s Agenda: laundry take-over edition

My birthday on Saturday was great. It was such a “me” day. My entire family was prepared to let me sleep in, but for reasons I don’t understand I woke up at 7am. The Ass gave me the day completely off by taking Jake to Tae Kwon Do and going to a school meeting for me. While they were gone, Fiona set up a little Birthday Scavenger Hunt for me that led me around the house to a birthday card she had made herself. My favorite clue card? “Where’s the place where you go poop or pee pee?”


I spent most of the day on the couch in my pjs. I saved enough calories to have pizza and a Fresh Direct Double Chocolate Cupcake for dinner. And last – this part was a complete surprise – my husband presented me with tickets to see Hugh Jackman’s one-man show in a couple of weeks! Pretty perfect day.

In contrast, today will be a rather boring day, but this needs to be done: I’ve re-taken the laundry duties from my husband. To his great credit, he stepped in about a year ago when I had basically stopped washing clothes. I would dig through the giant pile of dirty laundry before going to bed each night, grabbing just what each of us needed to get through the next day – I was in laundry survival mode. So he took over, and I was glad.

But I officially took him off of laundry duty last night after finding several of my shirts ruined, and after finding half of the kids’ laundry in the wrong rooms. I think he was thrilled not to have to do it anymore. But now I can’t screw up. If I start falling behind, he gets to take it over again, and I will have to hide all of my clothes.

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  1. Cara says

    A few ruined shirts in exchange for not having to do any laundy!! Sounds like a pretty good deal :)ha ha just kidding. In our house the rule is I do the laundry but if you need something specific for a certain day it’s all you!!!

  2. says

    This post made me laugh! I so wish I could give up laundry but I think I used up all my husband’s goodwill when I gave up cooking. But since he does all the cooking now I guess me doing the laundry is a fair trade! And I don’t have to hide any of my clothes :)

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