Today’s Agenda: laundry take-over edition

My birthday on Saturday was great. It was such a “me” day. My entire family was prepared to let me sleep in, but for reasons I don’t understand I woke up at 7am. The Ass gave me the day completely off by taking Jake to Tae Kwon Do and going to a school meeting for me. While they were gone, Fiona set up a little Birthday Scavenger Hunt for me that led me around the house to a birthday card she had made herself. My favorite clue card? “Where’s the place where you go poop or pee pee?”


I spent most of the day on the couch in my pjs. I saved enough calories to have pizza and a Fresh Direct Double Chocolate Cupcake for dinner. And last – this part was a complete surprise – my husband presented me with tickets to see Hugh Jackman’s one-man show in a couple of weeks! Pretty perfect day.

In contrast, today will be a rather boring day, but this needs to be done: I’ve re-taken the laundry duties from my husband. To his great credit, he stepped in about a year ago when I had basically stopped washing clothes. I would dig through the giant pile of dirty laundry before going to bed each night, grabbing just what each of us needed to get through the next day – I was in laundry survival mode. So he took over, and I was glad.

But I officially took him off of laundry duty last night after finding several of my shirts ruined, and after finding half of the kids’ laundry in the wrong rooms. I think he was thrilled not to have to do it anymore. But now I can’t screw up. If I start falling behind, he gets to take it over again, and I will have to hide all of my clothes.

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  1. Cara says

    A few ruined shirts in exchange for not having to do any laundy!! Sounds like a pretty good deal :)ha ha just kidding. In our house the rule is I do the laundry but if you need something specific for a certain day it’s all you!!!

    • says

      @Cara: Well our rule was supposed to be that he didn’t touch my clothes at all. When he started doing mine that was the beginning of the end.

  2. says

    This post made me laugh! I so wish I could give up laundry but I think I used up all my husband’s goodwill when I gave up cooking. But since he does all the cooking now I guess me doing the laundry is a fair trade! And I don’t have to hide any of my clothes :)