Today’s Agenda: Dr. Oz edition

So I’m on my way to Rockefeller Center to attend a roundtable discussion with some fabulous bloggers and Oz the Great and Terrible. No, wait, wrong Oz. I’ll be meeting Dr. Oz, the one who rose to fame on Oprah and keeps making me look up the word “omentum.” (Many thanks to Barbara Jones and the One2One Network for this opportunity!)

I’m very excited. Dr. Oz is Turkish, as is my husband (which, incidentally, is why half of the gmail spam I get is in Turkish; if I were paying attention I’d probably know how to say “penis enlargement” in Turkish by now).

The Ass begged me not to try out the one Turkish phrase he taught me years ago. He says I’m pronouncing it all wrong and Dr. Oz won’t know what the hell I’m talking about. But I don’t think he understands how much I enjoy making a fool out of myself.

That, coffee with a couple of PR friends to talk about the upcoming start of round two of the Hidden Valley Moms Panel, and a PTA meeting will round out my day. Did I mention I’m doing all of this on 3.5 hours of sleep? Not cool. If I can work in a nap somewhere I will, but I don’t see how that will be possible.

I spent about ten minutes this morning shortening a pair of jeans with Style Snaps, one of those “As Seen On TV” products. They’re these little adhesive snaps that are supposed to let you snap your pant legs shorter for wearing with flats. I wanted to wear my favorite jeans (a gorgeous dark pair that Not Your Daughter’s Jeans gave me) with comfy shoes because today will be a long day. I got them onto my pants no problem, and I think they look good. But the real tests will be if they show at all when unsnapped, and if they stay on in the washing machine.

Have a great day!

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