Style Snaps review: I was shocked that they worked


Whenever I see a product being sold primarily on TV I assume it doesn’t work. I assume that the producers tried to get it sold through regular channels, with no luck, and turned to bad TV ads and direct shipping instead. So I’m always shocked when one of these products works. This is what happened with Style Snaps.


Style Snaps are little adhesive plastic snaps that you put on your pants to make them shorter, and then unsnap to make them longer. I have many pairs of pants that I can only wear with high-heeled shoes. If I want to wear a pair with flats I fold the hem under and use double-sided tape to keep them in place, but I have two problems with this. First of all, I’ve yet to find double-sided tape that will stay put for an entire day, even the ones made specifically for clothes. Second of all, it means having to find the right length for the pants every single time. Pain in the butt.

I tried the Style Snaps with my favorite pair that Not Your Daughter’s Jeans had given me and found them easy to put on. I had to be careful getting into the jeans so as not to rip the snaps right off – the snaps are very strong and the adhesive will give before the snaps will open. Once the jeans were on the snaps weren’t too obvious – you can see one of them a little bit in the picture below – and these jeans are fairly thin. I haven’t tried them on other materials yet, though – I can imagine the snaps showing through very badly on a flimsier fabric.


My assumption with these was that I could wash the jeans with the snaps in and not have to position them again, but I’m not sure where I got that idea – the only washing instructions were for the snaps themselves. Apparently if you want to reposition them or reuse them you can wash any fabric residue off and they will remain sticky for 8-10 uses. That’s great, but frankly not the solution I was looking for – I want to be able to leave them in the pants indefinitely. So, after wearing the jeans two days in a row I put them in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, and crossed my fingers that I wasn’t going to ruin my machine with sixteen little plastic things floating around.


I have to admit, I was shocked when all sixteen pieces came out of the washing machine attached to the jeans, exactly where they had started. I don’t know how many times they can go through this, but if it’s at least a few then I think it’s worth the trouble of putting them on. Keep in mind, though, the gentle cycle on my washing machine (an awesome Whirlpool Duet HT) is extraordinarily gentle – I don’t know what a top loader would do.

I’ll do a follow up when I try them on some different materials, but for a pair of jeans with fabric on the not-too-heavy side, they get a thumbs up from me.

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      @Marinka: That’s a really great observation, Marinka! If you need to have the “becoming a woman” talk with your daughter and want to make things more awkward by using Barbie’s underwear and a Style Snap, you can at least know that the money you saved on not buying multiple pairs of pants can go into her therapy fund!

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