Today’s Agenda: More Slim-Fast edition

So I’m pumped. I said last week that this week would be the true test of my Slim-Fast experiment, since I always lose a lot of water the first week on any diet. And I’m happy to say that I weighed in this morning, and have lost a little over two pounds this week! I’m now done with the free samples and coupons that Slim-Fast had sent me, but I’m happy to go forward on my own. Let’s see how long I can ride this.

Today I’m getting back on the treadmill. I’ve been having trouble with my right foot for months, and with the help of Dr. Google I diagnosed it as a stress fracture. So, after re-injuring it several times on the treadmill I decided to give myself a solid month off to let it heal. Then, last week it started to hurt again, and I hadn’t been exercising! I’d been careful not to wear any pumps or heels for that month, or flip-flops, or anything unsupportive, so I give up. I’m starting the walking program I’ve been having false starts with for months and if my foot becomes unbearable I will drag myself to the doctor.

And, of course, today is Halloween. I hate trick-or-treating. I really detest it. Especially in our neighborhood, where people go all out and I just end up feeling lame. And I hate crowds, which doesn’t help my mood. And it looked for a while like this year was the beginning of the end, with only one kid wanting to dress up. But Jake has had a change of heart, and is dressing up as that killer from Scream (a movie he’s never seen). So we’ll be hitting the crowded streets today. Joy.

On GMA this morning Rocco DiSpirito presented a recipe for Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes that has me scratching my head. It uses egg substitute and egg whites, fat-free cream cheese, agave nectar, gluten-free flour, and black beans! And while he claims that the cupcakes are only 55 calories each, they’re tiny. Frankly I think I’d rather have three Hershey’s Air Delight Kisses for the same amount of calories. Plus, the cupcakes look like a lot of trouble. With the kisses all I have to do is unwrap.

But I may make them at some point to see if they’re worth it. If I do I’ll be sure to let you know.

Have a great Monday! I’m off to the treadmill as soon as I post this.

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