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Today’s Agenda: two-day hair edition

So I’m still rocking the gorgeous braid I got yesterday from the ladies of Bergdorf’s braid bar, at a blogger event held at More Magazine (I slept with a scarf wrapped around it). And I even did my eyebrows with the little kit that the people from Benefit gave me. I may be exhausted, but […]

Today’s Agenda: lunch with real food edition

So today is my fourth day on the Slim-Fast plan, Slim-Fast having provided me with two weeks’ worth of products. The first three days have been uneventful, but today is different because I’m going to an event that involves lunch. Now, I’ve been to three events this week that involved lots of yummy-looking food sitting […]

Today’s Agenda: The fridge is calling edition

I had way too much to do this morning to even think about posting until now – hate that! I enjoy sitting down first thing and taking stock of my day ahead. Now my day is more than half done and I’m just getting a chance. So today is day two of my two week […]

Today’s Agenda: Oompa Loompa edition

I know I’m supposed to be all “Blah, today’s Monday, I don’t want to go back to work!” and to be honest I had a rather terrible morning, but I’m putting all of that out of my mind because I’ve been looking forward to today for a while. I get to do on-camera interviews with […]

Finally, a great biscuit recipe that’s also lightening quick!

I’ve tried about a half dozen biscuit recipes over the years, trying to find a good one. In order to be a good one in my mind the biscuits don’t just have to taste good, they also have to be easy, relatively quick, and use only ingredients I commonly have on hand. Because I’m not […]

When “Sleep No More” meets Disney

The Ass and I went to a show a little while back where everybody in the roving audience had to wear a mask and remain completely silent. And I don’t think I need to explain why I have multiple sets of mouse ears (doesn’t everybody?). So today, Fiona and her playdate were going through my […]

Do you need a car in NYC?

Another one of my posts just went up on the RealDirect website, about whether or not it’s practical and worth it to keep a car in Brooklyn. I still don’t know what I would have decided if we were moving to Brooklyn today, with HopStop and Zipcar and Fresh Direct and other conveniences here to […]

Today’s Agenda: Hugh Jackman edition

So I’ve had a bit of a Hugh Jackman fixation lately. And by lately, I mean ever since I saw X-Men. Getting to meet him last week was swoon-worthy. And while I really had some things I needed to do this morning, I took a solid hour-long break to watch him on Rachel Ray. This […]

Jennifer Perillo guests on a podcast

So occasionally I post my Blogging Angels podcasts here. I don’t do it all the time, because often they’re geared more toward bloggers and pr pros. But our latest one is one of those that everyone will appreciate, thanks to our awesome guest, Jennifer Perillo. She’s a food writer, blogger, and all-around great person. You […]

Today’s Agenda: Do-over edition

So yesterday was one of those days when I got a lot done, but it was nothing that I meant to get done. I got sucked into a few projects and the stuff I was supposed to do got forgotten. So just scroll down and read yesterday’s post for what I’m supposed to get done […]