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Give the gift of a wonderful meal with Treatful

[The following post was commissioned by] As anyone with kids (or, um, anyone who’s married to me) knows, stuff piles up. Even the most well-intentioned gift may end up being shoved in a closet, given to Goodwill or re-gifted to an annoying relative. This is why I love the idea of gifting experiences instead […]

Today’s Agenda: easing back in

So I’m not sure how four days of doing nothing but cooking, eating and spending time with family has gotten me this far behind, but it has. Just when it felt like I was getting things under control, I’m buried again. But, at least I’m buried in good stuff. I’ll be jumping onto a conference […]

Oh, so you really do mean “not dishwasher safe”

So when Snapware says not to put its containers in the dishwasher, I guess they mean it. Oops. Now it looks like art. Originally posted on Selfish Mom, from Amy’s cell phone (so please excuse any weird formatting). All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a […]

My Cake Pop adventure

So I’m not sure when I first got it in my mind to make cake pops. It might have been after I brought a couple of really beautiful NY Cake Pops home for the kids from an event (the Hugh Jackman interview – that’s right, eye candy and dessert), and they raved about them. It […]

How to shop for a gutsy smurf

[The following post was commissioned by “The Smurfs” on Blu-ray™ + DVD Holiday Combo Pack] So I’ve been tasked with getting together a gift guide for Gutsy Smurf, the tough, brave and adventurous Smurf from the new Smurfs movie, coming out on Blu-ray™ on December 2nd. This was a very easy task, since Gutsy Smurf […]

Today’s Agenda: not eating cake pops edition

So over the weekend Fiona & I tried our hands at making cake pops. It was a smashing success. Literally. I let her do all the cake smashing by hand. Actually, I let her do everything. So they tasted fantastic, but didn’t look as good as they could have (even though she did an awesome […]

Headphones that feel as good as they sound

My husband, son and I have been fighting over a pair of Sol Republic Tracks headphones since they arrived from the company for me to review a few weeks ago. At a retail cost of around $100 they would be a fantastic gift for someone in your life who really appreciates good sound. Luckily I […]

How to buy tech for other people

[The following post was commissioned by T-Mobile] I love buying gadgets and tech toys, and know what I like. But when it comes to buying tech for other people, I just don’t do it that often. My sisters and I bought a laptop for my mom a couple of years ago, and that worked out […]

Today’s Agenda: back on track edition

So yesterday I admitted I’d taken about two-and-a-half days off from Slim-Fast and counting calories. All I’m asking of myself this week is to follow the plan for three days, then I’m going to go a bit easy on myself for the holiday weekend. I had my chocolate shake for breakfast, and it tasted great. […]

Week 5 weigh-in: Uh…umm…

Yeah. I took a break. I’m trying to tell myself that instead of going full steam ahead until I snapped and ate an entire pizza, I’m taking a weekend off out of choice so that I can get excited about Slim-Fast again. And let’s face it, this coming long weekend will be time off anyway. […]