Week 4 weigh-in: a little stumble, & a great recipe

So this week I only lost half a pound. That’s not bad itself – down is better than up – but this is where my motivation starts to falter. If I don’t see great results I have a hard time justifying the effort.

My eating was fine this week, although I did eat 1,800 calories a couple of days, instead of the 1,200-1,400 I’m aiming for (I ease up a little on calories on the days when I exercise). Not a huge deal. Those days probably didn’t hurt me at all, but they didn’t help either. What did hurt me was that I only exercised once this week, as apposed to six times last week.

Why the big difference? Last week I was home almost the entire week. I had plenty of time to head downstairs to the treadmill before getting a shower. But I had to work out of the house a lot this week, and wasn’t willing to get up early and exercise before starting my day. And frankly, if I haven’t done it before lunch time there’s very little chance I’ll do it.

I’m hoping to hop on the treadmill today, to at least make it twice for this week. Next week I’m just going to do the entire week two workout over.

Also, this week the kids had two days off from school. When I’m with the kids, preparing food for them all day, I’m way more tempted to eat. Slim-Fast keeps me out of the kitchen, but the kids being home gets me right back into the kitchen.

Oddly enough, the one thing that didn’t affect me this week was baking for and working at a big bake sale at my kids’ school on election day. I made brownies and didn’t eat any, and didn’t eat any of the other yummy-looking sweets at the bake sale. That’s not the stuff that tempts me. It’s chips, bread pasta – food, not desserts – that I tend to binge on. I can bake all day without eating any, thank goodness, because I love to bake.

PB020258What else went right this week? I made this recipe for baked zucchini sticks a couple of times. They’re super easy and yummy. So yummy, in fact, I keep forgetting to take a picture of them while there’s still a big plate.

I dip mine in light ranch dressing. A couple of changes I made to the recipe? I added a teaspoon of garlic salt (my husband’s suggestion, and a good one) and halved everything else. The recipe makes way too much flour coating, and you just end up wasting most of it. Half is plenty.

I also used all wheat flour, instead of half white half wheat. Tasted exactly the same. Be careful about the cooking spray though: even though the package says no calories, that’s for a tiny spray. I weigh the can before using it, then weigh it again when I’m done, and figure out how many calories I’ve used. Taking into account the fact that some of the spray ends up on the pan, I estimate it adds about 50 calories per serving.

So what’s up for the next week? I’m going to make exercise a priority. You’re all my witnesses. And I’m going to remind myself that for the past year, I was gaining about half a pound a week. So I know for a fact what a half pound a week difference can make. It doesn’t have the motivating power of two pounds a week, but it’s still a move in the right direction.

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    Great job. Just found your blog and will subscribe. I’m back on a journey as well and exercise for me will be the number one thing that keeps me motivated. Like you, I am familiar with the ups and downs, and will do my best to support you as you continue.

    (@LHMaintenance on Twitter)

  2. says

    You said it yourself, losing even half a pound is better than losing 0, or gaining anything. Sure it’s a bit of a motivation dip compare to a few pounds, but it’s still in the right direction. And sounds like you see exactly what you need to do to get the results you’d rather have. So don’t beat yourself up over it. Also, don’t deprive yourself of things you really want, or you’ll just keep craving them, nibbling on them and making things worse. Just try to have things in moderation (easier said than done) and keep reaching for small goals. Keep it up and good luck!

  3. Larissa says

    Just remember, when you are reducing your calories drastically, your body may try to conserve fat to compensate for the amount of calories it needs or is used to having. 1/2 pound in a week where you didn’t work out much is still good! Don’t get discouraged!! Get some workouts in and you’ll see that you are still losing at a good rate. Happy Monday!

  4. Margret says

    Slowly but surely..That’s a good news for you.At least you lose weight and not gaining.Good luck …Keep it up!Sooner you’ll get the body that your dreaming of.

  5. says

    Amy – great job with everything. I’ve found that the more home cooking I do, the healthier my food is for me and the kiddies. Do you have a slow cooker at home? That’s recently changed all of our lives and doesn’t eat up too much time in the day. It’s hard enough carving out time for exercise…

    • says

      @shari brooks: I have to say, while I appreciate the suggestion, I’m the opposite. As much as I like to cook and eat fresh food, I’m doing better on the days when I eat a frozen meal for dinner. Portion control, gets me in and out of the kitchen quick, etc. The kids and I don’t eat the same foods anyway so a slow cooker would be a waste for us.

  6. says

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. This is typically about the time when I lose interest in something, so I’m trying to keep my momentum going. NOT EASY!

    • says

      @Amy: Yeah, so my cookie dough diet didn’t really work out either. I hear you on having the kids around. Also, when I am PMSing, there’s just no doing without chocolate. It’s not even worth fighting or trying to modify (except maybe in terms of the quantity of chocolate I consume).

      The scale is moving in the right direction; keep up the good work!

  7. says

    I’m stalking your progress on this, since I would like to drop 10 lbs before getting pregnant again. Half a pound a week is perfectly healthy, even if it is less than you were hoping. Good luck!

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