The Big Apple Circus: family entertainment you can feel good about

So, there’s been talk lately about another big circus getting record fines for its treatment of animals. And I’m trying hard not to judge, because it can’t be easy to cart huge and dangerous animals around the country. But maybe that’s the point: you shouldn’t cart huge and dangerous animals around the country. I’ve never taken my kids to any of the giant circuses out there because, even though I’m not a boycott kind of person, it just didn’t sit right with me. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. I’d rather get off of my soapbox and talk up a gem right here in NYC that has entertained my family for years.

bac_logoThe Big Apple Circus sets its tents up each fall next to the Metropolitan Opera House (where this year it plays through January 8th), and then takes the show on the road to a few other locations on the east coast. The circus gave my family tickets a few weeks ago to check it out. The show is brand new each year, and this year’s theme is Dream Big. This show is also a little more special because it’s the last year for Grandma, the iconic clown who has been part of The Big Apple Circus for twenty-five years.

The acts are truly impressive. There’s something for everyone, including acrobats, an amazing juggler, a horse trainer (who brings out a few surprise guests – I won’t give them away!), a thrilling trapeze act, and my husband’s favorite, a contortionist. I think my favorite part was when these six tumblers tried to jump rope together, in a pyramid. It took them a few tries, and the entire audience was pulling for them:



Don’t try this at home!

Filling in the time between the main acts are a bumbling magician and his hilarious assistant, and a couple of their tricks still have me scratching my head. I won’t dare give a thing away, but what you think is going to happen isn’t. They’re smarter than we are.

This is a great way to spend an afternoon. The tent is on the small side, which means that everything feels very intimate – you’re so close to the action! I’ve seen the show from almost the front and I’ve seen it from closer to the back and no matter what, you’re no more than fifty feet from the ring. Plus, children under three are FREE when they sit on the lap of a paying adult (only one child per lap).

As if the great seats and entertaining acts aren’t enough, you should also know that The Big Apple Circus is a not-for-profit that spends a lot of money and energy bringing joy to sick kids in hospitals, the elderly in nursing homes, disadvantaged kids, and kids with disabilities and sensory issues. You can read more about the Big Apple Circus outreach programs here. They’re also very generous to schools and other organizations, donating family four packs of tickets for auctions.

Big Apple Circus tickets can be purchased here.

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