Today’s Agenda: where did the day go? edition

How in the world is it 1pm already? I have so much to do today and I feel like I got a lot done this morning, but it was all little stuff that had been collecting up – I have no one big thing to point to as an accomplishment.

Except maybe the fridge. My husband was home last night when Fresh Direct got here, so he put everything away that needed to stay cold. This is what I came home to:

fridge - before

Several items fell out when I opened it this morning.

To his credit, he told me he did a sucky job, and that the fridge needed my organizational magic touch. Then again, maybe he was just flattering me so that I wouldn’t post a picture of his terrible putting away job. :-)

So, fifteen minutes later I at least have an organized (but still too crowded) fridge. What else have I gotten done? Nothing interesting (assuming you consider the fridge interesting, which you probably do not).

fridge - after

But, I do have interesting things coming up today. I’ll be posting about a very fun twitter party I’ll be participating in tomorrow, including telling you how to RSVP so that you can win prizes. And I’ll be posting my totally non-secret totally package mix recipe for how to make the gooey-est, bestest brownies ever.

And if you have a chance, check out the post I put up last night about a shoe subscription! Because magazine subscriptions are so 20th century.

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