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One month later, almost 9lbs gone!

[ has given me the opportunity to participate in a blogger competition with the chance to win up to $5,000 for meeting a weight loss goal. The following post is part of my participation in the program. I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist, and following any advice I post is done at the […]

How to power nap correctly

Years ago I read something that totally changed the way I napped. Sometimes, when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, I would lay down for a nap, and wake up groggy a couple of hours later. Or, I’d set an alarm for 15 minutes, supposedly the right amount of time for a power nap, […]

Gorgeous, easy curls with The BeachWaver

I’ve wanted curly hair longer than I can remember. I’ve gotten more perms than I can count. I’ve purchased at least ten curling irons in my lifetime. But have you ever seen me with curly hair? Rarely. Even the irons that do work take so long – I have a ton of hair and hate […]

Today’s Agenda: keeping up the momentum

So there are six days left in the DietBet blogger contest and I’m happy to say that I’ve met my goal of losing 4% of my body weight in four weeks! But, I can’t really stop trying to lose because I want a buffer for the weigh-in. I am exactly at the goal, and what […]

Hidden Valley and my big salads

[The following post was written as part of my paid ambassadorship with Hidden Valley.] I’ve been on a weight-loss kick lately. I started out by losing ten pounds with Slim Fast, then moved to a diet that I devised myself, and I’ve lost an additional twelve pounds in the last six weeks, for a total […]

Godspell on Broadway: This cast could sing the phone book

On Sunday night The Ass and I headed into the city with the kids for dinner and a show. I was fortunate to receive tickets to Godspell on Broadway from Mama Drama, a wonderful organization that promotes Broadway shows to moms. We started out with dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, just a block and a […]

Amy in the “Morning”–Mama Drama

I have another kid home sick today. We’re done with this cold now, right? We’ve all had it. Even The Ass, who rarely gets sick. Plus, we went to see Godspell on Broadway last night, courtesy of Full review coming as soon as I write it, hopefully later today. :-) Originally posted on Selfish […]

The “face” of winter

Originally posted on Selfish Mom, from Amy’s cell phone (so please excuse any weird formatting). All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of 0. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information.

Today’s Agenda: Worlds colliding

I’m on a bus with about 25 kids – my daughter’s 2nd grade class. I’m chaperroning the trip, but it’s also sort-of a work event. A PR company I’ve worked with before needed some kids for an event with Angie Harmon, so I put everybody in touch with everbody else and stepped out of the […]

Today’s Agenda: thriving on the familiar

This has been the longest break for my normal routine I’ve ever had since having kids. First there was Christmas, then a week at my mom’s. Then we came back to Brooklyn and the kids went back to school, but my husband was still home on vacation, which was weird and messed up my routine […]