Umm…those aren’t pants

You can wear tights as though they’re pants, but that doesn’t make them pants.

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    You think that’s bad?! I teach high school and half the girls wear actual tights as pants but, um, everyone can see their panties or lack thereof, and when the deans bring it to their attention they always act surprised!! Really??

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    Funny you posted that … we just received a kind reminder today at our office of section of the employee handbook to dress tailored and professionally … I liked how the email was worded … something to the effect … ladies … dress and sweaters with tights are cute but use a minimum amount of judgement. :)

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      @elissapr: I was behind her for several blocks. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt at first, assuming that she was wearing a long sweater that had gotten bunched up under her jacket. But no. As I got closer I realized, that’s all there was.

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    *shudders* I think a parent was wearing something like this outside of school before winter break. My 4 year old was looking at it funny and I had to stop myself from laughing at his reaction. Oh and this person did not have the body to make it work.

  4. Lowela says

    Whatever,the lady in the picture is entitled to wear anything she wants as long as she is comfortable with it and nonetheless she thinks that it was cool. We might never know what she had in mind during this time, we all know that she was fully aware that she wore tights. And as to my own opinion nothing was wrong with it as long as she didn’t expose sensitive part of her body. What can be more annoying between this lady and those people who wears clothes as if nothing was left for them and making extreme exposure on sensitive part of their body. That is a lot more vulgar isn’t it?

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