Today’s Agenda: thriving on the familiar

This has been the longest break for my normal routine I’ve ever had since having kids. First there was Christmas, then a week at my mom’s. Then we came back to Brooklyn and the kids went back to school, but my husband was still home on vacation, which was weird and messed up my routine entirely (totally my fault, not his – I have trouble working when somebody else is sleeping in and playing video games). Then I went to CES in Las Vegas. Then a long weekend with all of us home.

Today was the day things were supposed to get back to normal, but my husband is home sick. So I’ve still got one more day. But he’s upstairs working and being sick, so I’m just going to force myself to get back on track.

#1 on my list is taking care of a couple projects left over from last year. I wrote a Blogger Pledge back in September and have been doing really well following it…except for the very first one. I put that one first because I knew it would be the hardest one for me. And I have improved, I just haven’t totally conquered it. But a couple hours of writing and I’ll be caught up.

Other than that, bread is rising, dishes are (mostly) done, and I might even do some laundry today. I like to spoil my family with clean clothes every once in a while (but not so often that they get used to it).

Have a great Tuesday!

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