Today’s Agenda: keeping up the momentum

So there are six days left in the DietBet blogger contest and I’m happy to say that I’ve met my goal of losing 4% of my body weight in four weeks! But, I can’t really stop trying to lose because I want a buffer for the weigh-in. I am exactly at the goal, and what happens if I wake up bloated on the final weigh-in day? Or the clothes I wear that day are heavier than the ones I wore during the first weigh-in? Or my hair grew so much in a month that it adds a few ounces to my weight?!? Clearly I need to lose a couple more pounds to feel safe.

Luckily I’m still going strong on my weird diet plan after six week. I had a hiccup on Tuesday, though. I was going out to lunch with the nice people from visit Raleigh (huge thanks to Molly Gold for inviting me!) at a southern food restaurant on Ninth Avenue, Tipsy Parson. One look at the menu online and I knew I would be eating most of my 1,400 calories at lunch! Sure enough, we started with Fried Green Tomatoes (yum) and Fried Pickles, and then I moved on to a bowl of scrumptious Mac & Cheese.

And this was all OK, because I proved at CES (where I lost two pounds) that I could eat pretty much what I wanted for a meal as long as I didn’t eat a ton the rest of the day. So, each day in Las Vegas I would do Slim Fast during the day, and then eat at the cocktail parties and dinners. And it worked great!

But know what doesn’t work great? Trying to flip that schedule around. I can deprive myself during the day and then let loose in the evening. What I can’t do, it turns out, is have a huge lunch and then a salad for dinner. It simply doesn’t work with my brain. I ordered pizza for dinner, had two huge slices, and then some leftover mashed potatoes, and then some Thin Mints!

So, to salvage things, I made Tuesday my cheat day – I get one a week. Which means it will be a long time until my next one! But I’ll survive. And I’ve learned a lesson: the will power I have during the day, when I’m busy and looking forward to dinner, completely leaves me in the evening, when I’m with other people and watching TV and being lazy.

The other thing on my agenda today is playing with my new BeachWaver rotating curling iron. It was delivered yesterday and even though I wasn’t going anywhere, I just had to try it out! I mean, it’s not cheap, and I took a big chance buying it without actually seeing if it would work with my hair first. But I trust its creator Sarah Potempa, who has cut my hair a couple of times thanks to a contest I won a while back. I figured she knew my hair, and if she said it would work, it would. So I bought it, and it totally works! I only did a quarter of my hair last night, but it was gorgeous, and so quick. So today I’m going to do all of my hair, to see how long it takes (curling my entire head used to take about 40 minutes). I’ll be sure to post pictures and a video!

In the meantime, here’s a video of Sarah curling her own hair with the BeachWaver.


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