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Cake Pop Stands from KC Bakes

I’ve been making cake pops for a few months now. They’re fun, easy, and incredibly delicious (and a nice morning treat with my current “dessert with breakfast” diet). But the one thing that bugged me about the whole process was the Styrofoam blocks I was going through. I tried wrapping them in packing tape and […]

Disney’s Fit for a Princess Expo

In my last post I mentioned how terrible I felt when I woke up on Friday, but things improved rapidly from there as the cold finally started to leave my body – just in time, since the Tangled Royal Family 5k was the next morning! After our early run with Jeff Galloway (more like a […]

From bad, to worse, to great with runDisney

I’d been sick for several days before heading down to Disney World on Thursday for the Tangled Family 5K and Princess Half Marathon. By Friday morning, when my alarm went off at 5:30, I was feeling terrible. I’d woken up every fifteen minutes or so all night until 4:30, then finally managed to get one […]

Tangled Family 5k: Done!

Originally posted on Selfish Mom, from Amy’s cell phone (so please excuse any weird formatting). All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of 8. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information. Want to catch up on my runDisney adventures? Here are […]

And then a few zebra wandered by…

Zebra So after a check-in glitch that left me without a working room key until 11pm last night (very un-Disney-like!), I’m now happily ensconced in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The thing about these press trips is that we do more in a day than I usually do in a week, and I’m still not feeling […]

A half marathon that fits on a t-shirt

I arrived at Disney World a little while ago for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and on the plane I was looking over pictures from last year. I’d forgotten about the t-shirts. When you pick up your race packet you do it in a giant expo hall at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. This […]

From couch potato to 26K with Run Disney

I’m weird when it comes to exercise, I’ll just admit that there’s no logic to it. I will bribe my kids to get something for me from upstairs, but voluntarily participate in long races. What can I say: I like a big challenge more than I like getting off of my couch to find my […]

The wheat bagel that almost made me pass out

I’ve read that the number one thing couples fight about is money. That was probably true for the first three-quarter of my relationship with The Ass. But around the time our son Jake started pre-school and started getting super picky with food, a new argument emerged: how to tackle the food issue. It didn’t help […]

Win $20K in cash AND a $50K cafeteria makeover!

My kids are home with me this week. There’s this weird thing in New York City Public Schools that I did not have growing up in Buffalo, called February break. My kids still have Christmas break in December, and then Spring Break in April, so I think this whole February break thing is overkill. Couldn’t […]

Diet Bet #2: My weight loss strategy

Yesterday was the initial weigh in for the Diet Bet I’ve organized. We have twenty participants with a pot of $1,000! My husband was the first to join, which was totally shocking. He ended up being the only man. The next three people to join all live near me in Brooklyn, and I thought “Well, […]