Dessert for Breakfast equals Weight Loss?

Dessert for Breakfast

So far in this quest of mine to weigh 140lbs by October (my 40th birthday) science has served me well. I read about the effectiveness of eating low carb/low cal two days a week, and rode that train to a 15lb loss. Science told me it would work, and it did, so now I’m inclined to be science’s bitch.

I read this article a few days ago and it really got me thinking. Basically, there was a study where half the participants ate a 300 calorie, low carb breakfast, and the other half ate a 600 calorie breakfast, including a small piece of chocolate cake. All participants ate the same total number of calories per day, 1,400 for the women and 1,600 for the men.

What they found was that eating the bigger, desserty breakfast helped people feel full and satisfied all day. After sixteen weeks, all of the participants were doing about the same – they had lost an average of 33 pounds. Then, they told everyone to try to stick with the program, but if they felt hungry they should listen to their bodies. Over the next sixteen weeks, the dessert for breakfast people stuck with the program and lost an average of 15lbs more each. The smaller breakfast people? They gained back an average of 22lbs!

The key seems to be a hormone called ghrelin, which makes you hungry. Eating the bigger, sweeter breakfast apparently caused the participants to have lower levels of ghrelin for the rest of the day, making it easier to stick to the plan.

Unfortunately there’s a flaw in this study you could drive an Entenmann’s truck through. I’m no scientist, but why didn’t they have a third group, also eating a 600 calorie breakfast, but without the cake? Because now we don’t know if the key was simply having a larger, more carb-heavy breakfast, or if the dessert actually made the difference. But, I’m willing to suffer through weeks of dessert for breakfast just in case that’s the key. :-)

Now, I don’t like to mess with success, and I’ve had a lot of success with my diet plan. So I’m not giving up on that, I’m simply working the big-breakfast-with-dessert in to the mix. It goes against my instincts. Since my will power is at its weakest in the evening, I tend to eat light all day and save up as many calories I can for the last third of my waking hours. But…science! Science is telling me that might not be the best way to go.

This will be easy to incorporate during my 1,400 calorie days, but I wasn’t sure what to do on my 700 calorie days. I mean, if I eat a 600 calorie breakfast, I’m pretty much done eating by 9am. So, since today is a 700 calorie day, I’m trying to cut their plan in half. I had a 300 calorie breakfast – much bigger than I’ve been doing – and made half of that dessert.

It may turn out that this simply won’t work on my 700 calorie days. If that ends up being the case, I’ll only do it on my 1,400 calorie days. We’ll see!

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    That does look like a mighty tasty breakfast. I have not been eating breakfast at all lately (crying kids tend to depress my appetite); the news about the 22 pound possible regain is making me rethink that.

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