Dessert for Breakfast: Day 2

So today was my second day eating dessert for breakfast. Or, I should really say, eating dessert with my breakfast, since tweeting about #Dessert4Breakfast caused at least one person to think I was just eating chocolate. Just to be clear, the plan that I talked about yesterday incorporates dessert into a large breakfast to help regulate ghrelin, which is a hormone that makes you hungry.

The theory is that satisfying your cravings in the morning lowers your levels of ghrelin for the rest of the day, making you more likely to stay on the wagon. Nobody’s claiming that eating dessert for breakfast will, in and of itself, make you lose weight. Supposedly, it’s the combination of eating a large breakfast (including dessert) and then limiting your calories for the entire day that makes you lose weight. So if you read the headline and thought you could just add brownies to your eggs and watch the pounds melt off, sorry to disappoint you!

It was hard to tell if it made a difference yesterday. This plan is all about making compliance with a diet easier, and no matter what you’re doing it’s hard to eat only 700 calories a day, which is what I’ve been doing twice a week. But, I will say this – eating a 300 calories breakfast yesterday, half of it KitKats, did not make it any harder to stick to 700 calories. It was the opposite of what I’ve been doing: usually on those low carb/low cal days I eat eight or nine tiny meals, trying to save enough to have a decent sized dinner. I was worried about eating that much of my food for breakfast, but then I didn’t even really think about food until 1pm, so there might be something to this.

Today will be a much better gauge. For breakfast I had half a small bagel with scrambled egg and cheese, a hash brown with ketchup, a bunch of grapes, and 3 fun-size KitKats. The whole thing was 602 calories of yumminess. Since breakfast is my favorite meal, I’m really liking this.

Dessert for BreakfastI already know that dinner will be about 450 calories, because I know what I’m making (cappelini pomodoro with garlic knots, because nothing says Valentine’s Day like garlic), which leaves me enough for a small lunch and snack. We’ll see how it goes. But really, this is the kind of thing that has to be tested long-term. The study I based it on lasted for 32 weeks. To be honest, I hope to be at my goal long before that. But if this works, maybe it would be a good way to help me maintain! A girl can hope, right?

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