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Top Ten Signs You’ve Slept With A Blogger

I don’t know what to say about this video, other than it was late, and we’d had a lot of sugar.   A Million Boxes Quirky Fusion Resourceful Mommy Media Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of […]

If you go public, I get to judge you, guilt free

I’m in Fort Lauderdale at the moment for the She Streams conference. I’m not just attending, I’m also doing my very first solo session – nobody else on the dais with me to look to for answers. Eek! On my flight down today a couple of notable things happened. The first was that the plane […]

Goodbye, Selma

So, our cat is dead. For real this time, not like a few weeks ago when I prematurely announced her impending demise. If you follow me on twitter, that told the story pretty well. Just gave my old kitty a nice long snuggle. She’s really slowing down. Still purrs when I pet her though. :-) […]

Harrison Ford is watching me sweat

I have an audience tonight for my Power 90 workout. I think he’s trying to say, “Got Sweat?” Originally posted on Selfish Mom, from Amy’s cell phone (so please excuse any weird formatting). All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of 1 (flatharrison). […]

3 pounds to go: time for a new game plan

So my diet bet ends on Sunday. That gives me six days to lose three pounds. Yikes. I proved during my last diet bet that I can lose a steady two pounds a week, plus a little more, using this plan. Then, for this diet bet I tried to combine it with this plan. But […]

Partying around Europe on the Disney Fantasy

One of the big misconceptions about going on a Disney cruise is that you will be surrounded by mouse ears and children all the time. And while I wouldn’t mind the mouse ears, I don’t do well when I can’t get away from children periodically, even my own (especially my own?). Not only is there […]

I sort-of can’t believe this is my house

When I last wrote about my house we had finally, after five years, started renovating the last unused floor, the second floor (or, in Brooklyn brownstone parlance, the parlour floor). And by “we” I mean “the people we hired,” lest you get the mistaken impression that we can do anything more complicated than hanging up […]

Drinking & eating…& eating…& eating on the Disney Fantasy

Anyone who has cruised has probably gushed about the food. Multiple seatings, buffets, snacks, sundae bars, piles of dessert. It’s everywhere, sure, but on the Disney Fantasy, it’s also awesome. Because what’s the use of massive amounts of food if it’s the equivalent of a $3.99 steak dinner in Vegas? I visited the Fantasy twice […]

So what do kids do on the Disney Fantasy?

There’s plenty for families to do on the new Disney Cruise Line ship the Fantasy, which I visited twice last week while it was docked in NYC. There are the pools, the AquaDuck water coaster, interactive paintings that come to life when you walk by and other games scattered throughout the ship, three different amazing […]

The Disney Fantasy: Gorgeous from head to toe

One of the best things about Disney World is all of the details and care that have gone into the entire experience. From the breathtakingly beautiful decorations to the little touches you might only notice if you really know where to stop and look, these details take Disney to another level. That same attention to […]