Disney’s Tangled Royal Family 5K

Heading over with our group to the Tangled Royal Family 5K on Saturday morning I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do. It was the first day all week that I was feeling myself, my really bad cold having finally exited my body. And while most of the people in our group were taking it easy (Colleen was even doing the race with her six-year-old daughter) I kind-of wanted to do a test run for the half marathon, which would be the next day. I’d felt sick and exhausted the day before after stumbling along for just two miles, so I was curious how I would do if I tried to go at my half marathon pace of 4 miles an hour.

This was also the first time that I’d be using the vibrating run-walk-run pacer I’d purchased from Jeff Galloway at the Fit for a Princess Expo the day before. It ended up being the best $20 I’ve ever spent. I’d been doing Jeff’s run-walk-run method for a while, but it was annoying to have to constantly look at a watch or my phone. This timer can be programmed for a single pace or two alternating paces, and it can beep or vibrate to tell you when to switch from walking to running and back.

It was awesome! I could finally just enjoy moving and not concentrate on the timing. Switching paces became automatic each time the beeper-sized device vibrated on my waistband. If you do any kind of interval training, I highly recommend this timer.

The Family 5K was a blast. There were so many kids participating, and a lot of fun costumes. For the first time since getting to Disney World I wished my kids were there – they would have loved this!


This couple just cracked me up. I want to be them when I get older. Of course, I may have to trade my husband in for someone a tad more whimsical.


There were great photo opps along along the race, and the pressure was off to finish fast – this race isn’t timed. I felt great at the end, and finally stopped being nervous about the half marathon.

Everyone got their “medals” (they’re kid-friendly rubber) right at the end.



This was such a fun race, I would love to do it with my kids. Disney does such a fantastic job of making exercising entertaining and interesting. There’s another Family 5K before the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ten Miler in September, and another one during the Wine-and-Dine Half Marathon weekend in November. If you’ve ever wanted to get your kids interested in racing, this is an excellent way to start!

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    Did you find that your pace was faster during the actual race than during your training runs? That is how I learned I was more competitive than I’d thought… on my first 5K I, uh, didn’t want the race-walking guy to beat me.

    • says

      @Jadzia: Honestly I was trying not to push it, since I was still getting over feeling really sick. But yeah, seeing kids (!) going faster kept me going. :-)

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    I absolutely love their 5k’s. I am planning on running the 10 miler in September, but I’m tempted to just to the 5k. I just love how low-pressure they are.

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      @Ashley: I was actually really glad that I did both! The 5K was a great warm up. Plus, it was easier to get up early the 2nd day since I’d gotten up early the day before.

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    The little ones will definitely enjoy Disney Land. In fact my kids love to go there every weekend but it’s quite expensive. So I proposed to go there every Christmas and Summer.

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