So what do kids do on the Disney Fantasy?

There’s plenty for families to do on the new Disney Cruise Line ship the Fantasy, which I visited twice last week while it was docked in NYC. There are the pools, the AquaDuck water coaster, interactive paintings that come to life when you walk by and other games scattered throughout the ship, three different amazing mainstage shows, movies, parties, and lots more. But what about when you don’t want to be with your kids? What about when you want to go to the adults-only pool area, or have a quiet lunch with your husband, or take an excursion?

The Oceaneer’s Club, for kids age 3-12, is one of the most amazing play spaces I’ve ever seen. The grown-ups didn’t want to leave during our tour.

The main room is full of big screens and a huge, interactive, touch-sensitive floor that we played an UP-themed game on.


Off of this room are a bunch of other themed rooms, geared towards different ages and interests.

Pixie Hollow give little fairies a chance to dress up and play.



The Nemo-themed submarine has a very cool periscope that gives kids a view of what’s happening outside. Of course, on the day I was there it was a rainy view of Pier 88 on the upper west side, but I imagine it would be even cooler to look at ocean. :-)


Monster’s Academy totally fed my insane love of all things Monsters, Inc.


But it was Andy’s Room, from Toy Story, that had me totally misting up. Everything is huge, so you really feel like you’ve been shrunk down to the size of a toy!


There are so many different creative, engaging computer games for kids of all ages. My favorite was the simulator where you have to dock the ship!



But of course, it’s not just about computer games. Besides all of the movie-themed play, there’s lot of low-key, tactile stuff to do. There are large areas for cooking, science experiments, and other activities. There are areas for art, and a room stocked with board games.




And of course, the bathrooms get the Disney Treatment, with kid-sized sinks and whimsical Mickey mirrors.


There’s even a hand washing station where you (uh, the kids) put each arm in one of the little “sleeves” and just stand there giggling while water and soap are sprayed on your hands, cleaning you up nicely. I want one of these for my house. Seriously. Who can make that happen?


The first time you and your child go into the club, you have a bit of an orientation session and forms to fill out. But after that, drop off and pick up is easy. There are safeguards in place to make sure that you and only you can check your child out when they want to leave (if they want to leave!).

Since each cabin on the Fantasy has two wave radios just for your use during your cruise (how cool is THAT?), the staff can contact you if there’s any kind of problem. The club is open a HUGE portion of the day, so that if you want to go get alone time (you know I do), you’re covered, and you can be secure knowing that your kid is in great hands.


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    The Disney cruise ships are perfect for families. We have sailed many times with Disney and just last week had another amazing cruise on the Disney Wonder. The kids clubs are the best at sea, and the new Disney Fantasy looks even better. Remember too that there are plenty of things for the adults to do on a Disney cruise. Disney are also very good at keeping the grown ups happy too!

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