The Disney Fantasy: Gorgeous from head to toe

Disney Fantasy exterior panorama

One of the best things about Disney World is all of the details and care that have gone into the entire experience. From the breathtakingly beautiful decorations to the little touches you might only notice if you really know where to stop and look, these details take Disney to another level. That same attention to detail is present in every corner of the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship.


I was lucky enough to visit the brand new ship twice last week as it was docked in NYC. When you first walk onto the ship you go into the grand atrium, which is, um, grand. But it’s also functional. Behind hidden panels are lights so that in case of bad weather, parties that would usually be held outside on the deck can be moved inside the atrium. Always thinking, those Disney designers – they’re not going to let weather ruin a good party!



Amy in the atrium

Everywhere you look on the ship there are gorgeous Disney scenes. Some are very straightforward, but some are less obvious, such as one hallway filled with drawings of castles from all of the Disney movies – you would really have to know your Disney lore to realize what you were looking at. (I knew none of them, but one person on our tour knew the name and movie for every single castle!) The more obvious scenes I got, though.



And not all of the amazing art is overtly Disney, especially in the more adult areas of the ship. These bathrooms were incredible! That’s a mosaic, with thousands of tiny tiles, and there was a different one in each bathroom.



My friend Nancy, checking out one of the gorgeous bathrooms

It was pouring the day that I toured the ship, so unfortunately I didn’t get as good a look at the pool areas as I would have liked, but what I saw was awesome. See that tube thing? That’s the AquaDuck, which is far too crazy to call a water slide. It’s more like a roller coaster on water. Large parts of it are completely transparent, and a section even goes out over the water! I can’t wait to get on that thing.



Coming up over the next few days I’ll have pictures of the huge kids’ area, for when you want to dump your little darlings off for some fun while you enjoy your vacation in peace, some notes about the amazing entertainment, plus some scrumptious pictures of the restaurants and clubs aboard the ship. Stay tuned! And if you haven’t already, check out my videos from the christening gala – I recorded everything from Neil Patrick Harris’ hilarious opening song, to all of the musical numbers, to Heather Headley’s medley (hey, that rhymes!), and Jerry Seinfeld’s set, plus Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon doing the actual christening of the ship. I couldn’t bring you all with me, but at least you can see what I saw!

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  1. says

    Disney does it right! We went on a Disney cruise 3 years ago & I can’t wait to take my little boy, Evan, soon. They pay attention to every little detail.

  2. Brandon says

    Wow! Disney land is the perfect place for great vacation, I want to spent here with my family the happiest vacation in our life…

  3. says

    ahhhhhh your coverage of the Fantasy is killing me! We are Disney nuts, and have been on the Magic, Wonder, and Dream. I don’t think we’re going on another DCL until 2014. Two-thousand-FOURTEEN. it’s killing me! My inlaws want to go to Hawaii next year instead (we usually travel together which helps with the munchkins of course)…. And I know, who whines about going to HAWAII? bUt I really want to get on the Fantasy MUCH sooner than 2014.

    Thanks for the pics. Gorgeousness of course!

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