Drinking & eating…& eating…& eating on the Disney Fantasy

Anyone who has cruised has probably gushed about the food. Multiple seatings, buffets, snacks, sundae bars, piles of dessert. It’s everywhere, sure, but on the Disney Fantasy, it’s also awesome. Because what’s the use of massive amounts of food if it’s the equivalent of a $3.99 steak dinner in Vegas?


I visited the Fantasy twice last week, and on the second visit got to have dinner in The Animator’s Palate. As you would expect with Disney, this restaurant has excellent food and entertainment.

My favorite thing about dinner on Disney ships is that your wait staff follows you from restaurant to restaurant, night after night. If you tell them the first night that you drink Diet Coke with every meal and hate mushrooms, those are things you won’t have to repeat. Disney restaurants also take great care with food allergies.

The decor of The Animator’s Palate is whimsical but classy. TV screens are everywhere, but at the beginning of your meal they simply look like lithographs on the walls.


I’ve never wanted to create a distraction and steal a couple of chairs so much in my life!


My charming dinner companions were Kim Coleman and her husband, Reggie.


It was great to run into so many other blogging friends at nearby tables, as well. That’s Victoria Pericon on the right, and on the left is Colleen Padilla, whom I just spent the weekend with at Disney World running the Princess Half Marathon! Of course, she finished the 13.1 miles in roughly half the time that I did, but hey, I finished!


It’s always good to see Kim Orlando, who was on the very first Disney media trip I ever went on, a cruise on the Disney Dream!


My fellow Blogging Angels (Rebecca Levey on the left, Nancy Friedman on the right)were, of course, together. At this point I’m pretty sure they’re common-law spouses, even though they’re married to other people.


It’s always great to run into Linda Grant and Mitch Chaitin, who I suspect would also be married at this point if it weren’t for the fact that Linda is known as “NYC Single Mom” and Mitch is gay. But still, they make a charming couple.


When you first sit down at your table, you’re given a marker to draw with. But this isn’t just scribbling on a placemat to keep you occupied while you wait for your food. This has a very fun purpose!


Yes, that “work of art” up there is mine. And no, I didn’t let a child draw it for me. Seriously, that’s the best I can do. Artsy I am not.

But here’s a small taste of what they do with all that art towards the end of the meal:




So much fun! Even mine looked good moving around and set to music.

And now, for the food. It was, of course, delicious. We had a small sampling menu to choose from for this special media dinner, not the usual Animator’s Palate menu, and I was disappointed to see that the only vegetarian entrée was mushroom-based (I hate those things!). But of course, they offered me choices: they could make me some pasta, or just make the menu entrée without mushrooms, which is what I chose.

It was a lentil stew that I definitely need the recipe for. I love that when they hear “vegetarian” they don’t think “plain steamed unseasoned vegetables” like so many restaurants. (They also brought me a sampler of three vegetarian appetizers that I wolfed down so fast, I forgot to take a picture of).


I have no idea what Kim and Reggie were eating, but it looked good and they said it tasted great.



I also ate my weight in delicious, light, buttery rolls. No surprise there.

And, dessert…I don’t even like crème brûlée usually (that’s the middle one), but it was so good I ate every bite and would’ve stuck my tongue in the little ramekin if I had been alone.

I should mention that I got to dinner a little late, after going to the wrong restaurant. After the Fantasy’s christening ceremony I followed the crowd, found my table, and got to know the very nice people at my table, a travel agent from Florida and his sister. We were having a nice conversation and they would have been lovely dinner companions, but I remembered the other bloggers comparing table numbers and mentioning many of them were sitting together. Not only was I not sitting with other bloggers, I couldn’t see them anywhere! That’s when I realized that I had looked at my little media pass wrong and was at the wrong restaurant. I was in The Royal Court. Which was gorgeous, by the way.


And as on other parts of the ship, The Royal Court is filled with gorgeous mosaics.



The funniest part of the whole thing was that it turns out Kim and Reggie did the same thing – sat down with that same couple before I did, and then realized they were in the wrong place! Although since I didn’t see them there, I’m guessing it didn’t take them twenty minutes to realize their mistake, like it did me. What can I say, I was hungry and not thinking straight.

Dinner was amazing from start to finish, exactly as I would expect from Disney.

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    Those murals are amazing! And, I love how they keep updating Animator’s Pallet. While I love the original version we dined in over ten years ago, the new themeing seems much more impressive and exciting.

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    I think I’d steal all the placemats and color them in so I could have my very own animated film. Fantastic idea! And yes to treating vegetarians like foodies. Excellent.

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