I sort-of can’t believe this is my house

When I last wrote about my house we had finally, after five years, started renovating the last unused floor, the second floor (or, in Brooklyn brownstone parlance, the parlour floor). And by “we” I mean “the people we hired,” lest you get the mistaken impression that we can do anything more complicated than hanging up pictures.

Well, it’s almost done. The three rooms themselves are pretty much done. There’s still a lot of work to come in the hallway, and a couple of minor things we’ll have to take care of at some point in the rooms, but for the purposes of arranging furniture and decorating, done-a-rooney!



See the carpet? We hate it, but it’s covering the linoleum that someone I’d like to strangle glued to the old floors at some point. I have to say, though, that I get a strange satisfaction when I vacuum the carpet that I don’t get when I sweep the floors. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it looks cleaner longer?

And, see how that pocket door on the right isn’t completely open? Well, that’s how far it goes. We discovered that when the last group of workers installed new plumbing throughout the entire house almost five years ago, they ran several pipes in the space that that door is supposed to open into. Morons.

But other than the carpet and that door, we’re in love. I keep walking in and just standing there, staring. I can’t believe something so beautiful is mine!

I’ve spent a large portion of the past few days cleaning five years of dust (and, probably, mouse pee and insect carcasses) off of the furniture that was stored on that floor. Each piece had to be vacuumed, then washed down with a wet rag (I had to change the bucket of water after every piece of furniture, because it was black!), then polished. My shoulders are killing me and I will probably smell like Lemon Pledge until April. But I finally get to use some of my favorite pieces of furniture again! These are my two very favorite tables:


Plus, I get to move so much of the crap that’s cluttering up the first floor onto the second. And, I plugged in the TV that’s been sitting there for five years. Much to my amazement, it still works! Now all we need is a new couch to stick in front of it…

Work will start again next week on the hallway, then we should be done. Not done – we’ll never be done – but every part of the house will be functional. I’m so happy I could cry.

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    Just beautiful! The red looks fabulous :-)

    Is it weird that I’m happy to see a shot of the piano after your tweet last night? Was without mine for several years, was so excited to get it back!

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      @Jenny: I totally get it. For years I wanted a piano of my own, then my in-laws gave us that one when they retired to Florida. We got to use it for only a couple of years, then we moved here and it got buried in boxes and other furniture. It was so close, and yet so far!

      I love playing, even though I pretty much suck. I don’t care. I might even get lessons – haven’t had any in almost thirty years!

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    I’m sorry. I wouldn’t KNOW how much better it looks because I”VE NEVER BEEN TO YOUR HOUSE. I mean…not that I’m HINTING or anything.
    Except that I really do want to see it!!
    Looks fabulous.

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    Your house is really elegant… I really like the colors and hope that someday I will have like it…

    It is my second time to have a comment here and I am always enjoying every post you make… telling the real you is what I admire… Thank you for sharing… (sorry for my English)

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