Partying around Europe on the Disney Fantasy

One of the big misconceptions about going on a Disney cruise is that you will be surrounded by mouse ears and children all the time. And while I wouldn’t mind the mouse ears, I don’t do well when I can’t get away from children periodically, even my own (especially my own?).

Not only is there an adult-only pool on the new Disney Fantasy, there’s an entire entertainment district, called Europa. Some of the bars are adults-only after 9pm, some of them are off limits to kids all the time. So there are always places to go and get away from the little people.

The most charming thing about these bars and lounges on the Fantasy is that they’re populated with employees from the countries each bar is inspired by. It gives the experience an authentic feel, and makes for some interesting conversations with the bartenders and servers.

La Piazza

Our first stop was La Piazza, a charming and romantic space inspired by Italy. There’s a gorgeous carousel bar in the center, and quiet nooks and booths around the perimeter.


O’Gills Pub

Our next stop, O’Gills Pub, was exactly what you would expect from an Irish pub, with some fun touches, such as Wii and XBox games on giant screens. This is a great place to go and watch a game while drinking a beer (two things I don’t do, but I realize I’m in the minority on both). I think this was probably the least Disney-feeling spot on the ship.


Ooh La La

French lounge Ooh La La was definitely a hot topic among the bloggers on the Fantasy tour. Some thought it was charming, some thought it was a bit fake and hokey. I liked it, but I will say it didn’t give me the feeling of being in France. It was more like being in a fancy bordello. In Disney’s defense, this seems to be what they were going for (not the bordello part!) – their website describes Ooh La La as “reminiscent of an elegant French boudoir.”

Ooh La La collage

From the upholstered walls to the velvet, it was more like a Las Vegas version of Paris, but it was a very comfy space. Plus, there’s a huge selection of Champagne at the bar – Tattinger even supplied the ship with a Jessica Rabbit-themed bottle! I wanted to steal it.

Ooh La La collage 2

The Tube

The British-inspired club was the favorite of just about every blogger I talked to, with good reason. This is a fun space, taking its cues more from Austin Powers than the actual city of London.

The classy hallway leading to the entrance, reminiscent of the Tower Bridge with Big Ben’s face peeking through, doesn’t give you a single bit of warning about what you’re headed into. It’s like going from Dorothy’s Kansas farm into Oz.


The Tube collage

Those phone booths in the bottom right picture are authentic, cast iron, refurbished ones from London.

My favorite places to sit were the subway car booths. Notice the subway tile outside of the “window”!



Our last stop was the most interesting bar, Skyline. This is a more sedate place, more my speed, with the most interesting walls I’ve ever seen. They’re covered with pictures of different cities – one city is featured every twelve minutes. These aren’t just static pictures though, and they’re not videos either. They’re pictures that then had parts animated by hand – car lights travel along, clock hands move, and the effect is beautiful.

Skyline collage

And that’s it for our tour of Europe, Disney style!

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    I love the ouse ears misconception, its true though, people need to realise that disney would not have been around for as long as it had if it subjected adults to constant torture, disney can be as much for adults as kids if you play it right.

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    What an amazing looking experience! I love that each bar/lounge has people working from the nation being represented.

    I’ll have to consider Disney for a cruise now that I know that they’ve got unique adult features too.

    Nice review with good pics! thanks

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