Pledge to get off of your butt and play (it’s just that easy)

[The following post was written as part of my paid ambassadorship with Let’s Play, a part of the Dr Pepper/Snapple Group]


I had such a great time last year writing for Let’s Play, a fantastic initiative by Dr Pepper/Snapple to get families moving. I’m back again as an ambassador, and my job today – the one-year anniversary of Let’s Play – is to get you to take the Let’s Play Pledge over on their facebook page. Why? Because moving more is healthy. And burns calories. And is fun. And you signing the pledge can help me look better to my bosses. And, sometimes getting something down on paper (OK, it’s not paper, but you know what I mean) makes it more real.

So all you have to do is pledge to participate in an extra hour of active play each week with your kids. That’s it, sixty minutes! That’s just ten minutes a day, with a day off! Or, you could do it all in one big, fun, hour-long chunk. Here are some of my favorite ideas to get moving with your kids:

  • Go for a jog. Even my seven-year-old loves it. You don’t have to go fast (heck, that’s not even an option for me!), you just have to put on some sneakers and go do it. To help motivate my kids, I use a free app on my phone – Runtastic – and the kids set a goal for us to meet (a quarter mile without stopping, 6mph for two minutes, etc.).
  • Have a jump-rope contest. This was my husband’s idea. See who can jump the most times in a row. I think the kids and my husband can all do around a hundred. Don’t laugh too hard, but I think my record is eight in a row. Still, it’s fun.
  • Have a bucket of golf balls or tennis balls? Spread them all over the backyard and see who can pick them all up the fastest, or who can pick up more.
  • Play a video game that gets you up and moving. Active play doesn’t have to be outside. We have some video games that really get us sweating!

Playgrounds for everybody!


Today is also the first playground build of the year for Let’s Play, as part of its three-year, $15,000,000 commitment to KaBOOM!, a non profit group that builds and repairs playgrounds. This one is happening in West Philadelphia, with about 200 volunteers. The best part is, the kids who will eventually use the playground had a hand in designing it! I went to one of these designing sessions last year, in Brooklyn. It was amazing to see the ideas the kids came up with, and how excited they were.

Here’s the best part: YOU can apply for a community construction grant from kaBOOM! Is your neighborhood in desperate need of a place for kids to play? Is your existing playground falling apart? You can apply to get $15,000 towards purchasing new playground equipment. Details on these grants are here.

Happy playing!

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  1. says

    This is such a great initiative – thank you for bringing it to my attention! I’d love to somehow incorporate Let’s Play into my family-friendly website in the future.

  2. Denise Traynor says

    I pledged but i have no children or grandchildren living here but i ride my bicycle at least once a week.
    does that Qualify?

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