Win a Nokia Lumia 900, “Best in Show” smartphone at CES

[UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner, comment #177, Jarvis. Thanks so all who entered.]

[UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered. The winner will be chosen and announced on Thursday, May 10th. If you do not see your comment listed, it is possible that you did not follow the instructions for answering the question posed in the post. There was an unusually high number of entrants for this giveaway who did not pay attention to the instructions and just commented in the manner of “pick me! pick me!” which, unfortunately, disqualified their entries. I tried to be as lenient as possible in my interpretation of the rules but some simply could not be approved.]

Back in January when I was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Nokia Lumia 900 took “Best in Show” in the very competitive smartphone category. I got to play with one for just a couple minutes before the other people jostling to get a look made it clear that my time was up. But in that brief time I fell in love with it: the feel of it, and the look of it. I can’t wait to give a real try, which will happen in a few days when I get one to review. But why should I have all the fun with this amazing phone? Keep reading to find out how you can enter to win one too!

The great reviews for the Lumia 900 keep rolling in. Pretty much everyone agrees that it’s a fantastic phone. Why? Because Windows started from scratch, designed an entirely new and exciting smartphone operating system, and then worked closely with Nokia to make sure their phones were designed specifically for this new OS. I’ve reviewed three other Windows phones in the past sixteen months, but nothing from Nokia, so I’m really excited about this one.

Why do I love Windows phones so much? Here are some highlights.

The Camera

Several other phones that I’ve used recently don’t have a camera button, which frankly just sucks. It’s harder to take a picture one-handed. On the other hand, WP cameras have a nifty little feature where you can tap on the screen, and the camera will focus on that spot, then take the picture automatically. This is great for those times when you don’t want to the camera to shake at all.

The very best part about having a dedicated camera button, though, is that you can wake the phone up, bypass the lock screen, and go right to the camera by just holding down on the camera button. I can’t tell you how many times I missed shots with non-Windows phones because I had to go through too many steps to get to the camera.  But with Windows phones, you’ll be ready to take a picture in about two seconds or less. When my kids are doing something adorable I don’t have to fumble – I get the shot in time.

Uploading to Facebook and Twitter is super easy, and can be done right from the picture screen – no need to leave the camera and go open another app. Keep the grandparents up-to-date on what your kids are doing on the fly!

And if you’re worried about losing your photos before you can get home and sync them, you can choose to automatically upload to SkyDrive.

Live Tiles

Little icons are so 2009. With Windows phones you get big boxes that can show you at a glance if you have a new email or Twitter DM, which of your friends just posted to Facebook, or how many emails you have. You don’t have to open a thing to see all of this, you just look at your home screen.

Plus, you can “pin” just about anything to that home screen. There are a couple of websites I go to a lot, so instead of opening the browser, going into the favorites, and choosing a site, I simply tap that page’s tile on the home screen and I’m instantly taken to it. I’m at Disney World right now, and I pinned a Disney-related site that I knew I’d be referring to a lot. After we return home, I can unpin it in about half a second.

If you have a particular person you call or text often, you can even pin him or her to the home screen! My husband, my son, and our favorite pizza place – they’ve all been pinned.

The People Hub

We all have a bunch of different identities on the web now – our Twitter feeds, our Facebook pages, our websites…and all of that now lives in one place, with the People Hub. If I want to contact my friend Ann, I don’t go to the phonebook or open the Hotmail app or go to facebook. I go to the People Hub, and the first thing I see is the last thing she posted. From that page I can send her an email, call her on any of her numbers, go to her web page, post directly on her Facebook wall, even see her birthday. All of the various info the phone has for her is compiled into one neat page. No more searching different apps.

Great Apps

I have to laugh at this point when people compare the number of apps on iPhone to Windows phone. There are roughly a bajillion apps on iPhone that I don’t want. But I have all of the apps I need on Windows Phone. Some of my favorites (I’m using a free version, unless otherwise noted):

  • Rowi – At first I thought this Twitter app was almost as good as having TweetDeck on my phone. Now I’ve come to love it so much, I wish I had a desktop version. Could someone at Rowi please get on that? I have the paid version, which I bought with my very first Windows phone, and just like with all the other apps, you can transfer it over for free if you get a new Windows phone.
  • Runtastic – I have the free version, which keeps track of my pace, distance, calories, and more. When I’m done jogging I can see the route I took on a map, look at my split times, and save it all to the Runtastic website to track my progress.
  • HopStop – I can’t get around without HopStop. Sure, I could just go to the website, but the experience is so much easier with their excellent Windows app.
  • Amazon Kindle – When I’m at home I read books on my kindle or a tablet, but I don’t bring those with me most of the time. I love that if I’m on the subway or I have a few spare minutes waiting in line, my books are always with me.
  • WordPress – Sometimes you see something that just have to post RIGHT NOW. This app integrates with my blogs, allowing me to post, moderate comments, and see stats.
  • Netflix – If you use it at home or on your computer, you can imagine how awesome it is to have it on your phone.
  • Local Scout – This built-in app gets your location and instantly gives you a list of nearby restaurants, stores, and places of interest, along with reviews and other info.
  • Photo Studio – This fantastic app can either take pictures in different modes (like panorama or beauty shot), or edit pictures you took with the regular phone app.
  • Translator – This app can translate by typing words in, or by holding the camera up to a sign. It’s like magic. So far I’ve just been playing with it – I can’t wait to use it in a place where it might actually help me!
  • Skype – I just downloaded this one a few days ago and have barely played with it, but if you use Skype, I bet you’ll find this one to be essential. Skype is the best way I know of to keep in touch with family that’s far away, and the prevalence of front-facing cameras in smartphones makes it a no-brainer.
  • OneNote – Part of Office for Windows Phone, OneNote lets you take notes and record audio, and just like on your computer it saves as it goes along. Best of all, you can have it automatically sync with OneNote on your computer over SkyDrive, so that your notes are always up-to-date wherever you are. I keep my grocery list on my laptop, and it’s on my phone when I get to the store (and it’s super easy to get to, since I have it pinned to my home page!). I take notes in meetings in OneNote on my phone, and then I can work on them on my laptop without transferring anything myself. Aside from the camera, this is probably the Windows app I use most of all.

The Giveaway

Blue Nokia Lumia copySo, have I convinced you yet of just how awesome Windows phones are? Are you salivating at the thought of getting your hands on one? Well, somebody will get their very own gorgeous Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan (that’s “blue” for those of us who didn’t major in art).

You will also get 30 days of service on the AT&T network for the Lumia.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and as a busy mom I appreciate just how quick and easy Windows phones are. So to enter, I want to hear which Windows phone feature or app you think would save you the most time or make something you routinely do a little easier.

Just leave that in a comment on this post, and you’re entered to win.

For a second entry, you can tweet about the contest with a link back to this post. The tweet must contain “@SelfishMom” (but should not start with it), the link, and the hashtag #WindowsPhone. Or, you can just copy and paste this:

Want to win the wildly popular Nokia Lumia 900 #WindowsPhone in gorgeous cyan? @SelfishMom is giving one away!

Make sure to leave a second comment with a link to your tweet, or it won’t count (instructions on how to find and post the url of your tweet can be found here).

That’s two entries per household, please. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter, and must live in the continental US.

This contest will close at noon-ish on Wednesday, May 9th (and if the winner gives me the shipping address quickly he/she will get it in time for Mother’s Day – Gift idea! Gift idea!). The winner will be chosen by See my complete Giveaway Rules page for more information.

Good luck!

Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of 10. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information.


  1. says

    The way the camera works sounds great! I’ve been using an iPod touch for my pix and it is not nearly as user friendly.

  2. Tiffany says

    You had me sold with the One Note app. I keep all of my recipes on One Note so the idea of being able to have access to them on my phone, even better. Game changer, awesome

  3. Denise Traynor says

    photo studio so you can show me how to use it and i can take pictures of the bunny and turtles.

  4. says

    I haave never heard of that Twitter app for Windows Phone…and it has to be better than the one I use – Seismic. I want it. So jealous that you are getting one of these. Been dying for one.

  5. says

    This device is an exquisite one, and I believe that it is what shall revitalize Nokia’s company. It is a shame that BlackBerry has not opted to accept Windows Phone as an operating system option. The best feature of Windows phone is the “get-in, get-out” mentality that integrates live information updates to the phone’s home screen, and the dedicated camera button makes it a smart choice for photo sharers. I should greatly enjoyhaving one of these! Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak (spelling?), even carries one of these in white!

  6. says

    I think the one note feature is where its at. i love simple native note pad apps.. Never need anything fancy, just want things to be remembered and listed.

  7. Tabathia B says

    I love the phone interface which makes it easier to manage and use
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  8. Michelle Small says

    The one note feature would probably help me a lot. I am very forgetful and when I write a list I almost always forget to bring the list with me. This would eliminate that problem because I would be able to make list as I go through day and never go anywhere without my phone.

  9. jules mcnubbin says

    photo studio. I use my phone all the time for taking pics.. and that would be awesome.

  10. says

    Definitely Onenote since I am in the process of writing a book. That would be great for me to take voice notes and type notes I can separate in different folders according to dates. The photo studio sounds pretty neat seeing as though I am kind of a camera nazi. I take about 300 pictures a day of everything I see and do. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  11. Stacy Kurtz says

    OneNote sounds great for staying organized and keeping track of my schedule.

  12. nichol perez says

    My Android phone sucks so bad and I’m tired of replacing it over and over. I finally want something I will be happy with and I really could use this Nokia Lumia 900. It has everything I need. This would really make my Mother’s Day!!

  13. Timothy Bennett says

    The best feature of the Windows phone is the responsiveness the device. I’m tired of all the Android lags I experience.

  14. nichol perez says

    I definitely tweeted
    Nichol Perez
    ‏ @nilimonicky
    Want to win the wildly popular Nokia Lumia 900 #WindowsPhone in gorgeous cyan? @SelfishMom is giving one away!
    Reply Delete Favorite
    12:39 PM – 3 May 12 via web · Embed this Tweet

  15. Joel Rushworth says

    Internet Sharing & LTE will save me the hassle of hoping to find wi-fi on my laptop!

  16. sean c says

    I get a Butload of emails so im gona say the email tile would save aot of time of me sitting at the desk going thu them

  17. JHornberger says

    Executive Caddy is AWESOME!!!!! I’m not a great golfer, but this program is wonderful.

  18. says

    I guess I missed the part about Mother’s day ;)

    Well, for me the best part about the phone for Mom’s is definitely that I can set an appointment for my birthday so i’ll always get my gifts early ;) And the easy to take pictures with the shutter button is a must.

  19. Archy NY says

    As a new mom, I think I will find the People Hub to be the most exciting to share pictures of my baby with all my friends across my social networks.

  20. Marc Uydess says

    The people hub would be the most useful feature to me. It will give me access to all of my contacts in one easy place and allow me to see the updates.

  21. joklucus says

    Being able to take the phone right out of my pocket and snap a picture sounds amazing! It will surely speed up the process when I need to snap a picture immediately!

  22. yehuda g. says

    Built in music finder helps me find what song is playing and if i like it i can download it instantly

  23. Kevin L says

    Probably the people hub. I only actively communicate with a few friends across social networks, and I’ve heard I can set it up to do so without worrying about being overwhelmed with white noise. Plus… IT’S BLUE! =D

  24. says

    Without a doubt its got to be the live tiles. Just having everything right there in one place means you can see everything at a glance without going into a lot of different apps.

  25. Gerard Williamson says

    The OneNote sync for the exact reason you mentioned. Instead of creating a jagillion reminders on my calendar I can keep a list using OneNote and have it updated at all times across all machines.

    Thanks for pointing out my earlier invalid post :)

  26. Joshua Grzy says

    I would use the camera and sharing feature the most. It’s not easy to share pictures when you have a point-and-shoot.

  27. says

    Having access to all of my files in SkyDrive (with the SkyDrive app) is a real time saver! I can easily grab the data I need anytime, anywhere and also upload data from anywhere!

  28. says

    I love the Tiles and most especially the People Tile. I also like the ME tile, that allows me to post, in one post, to all my major Social Media sites, and even tells me when I have gone over the 144 Twitter limit!! I love Mango!!

  29. Norris says

    Sorry, trying again–this time reading rules and hoping to win for my wife…She doesn’t have a smartphone and carries around a sheet of paper for keeping track of all of our 3 kids (and ours) daily activities, etc. Having a Lumia 900 with it’s great calendaring feature would help her to more easily manage are crazy/hectic lives. She’d also love the People Hub–I use it so often and know she’d love it. Thanks for consideration.

  30. Nathan says

    As a Windows Phone owner, I find the usability of it to be far greater than my wife’s iPhone, especially regarding gathering email and social network access. Between the people hub, the ease of picture taking and pinning awesome weather apps like WeatherFlow, half the time I barely even look at my list of apps and stay within the Live Tile section.

  31. joellipenta says

    I love being able to get to the camera in a jiffy even if the phone is off! The updating live tiles are amazing, too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Matt says

    Front-facing camera will make it easier to “see” Mom when calling her on Skype!

  33. s b cee says

    The Windows phone app that will save me the most time is One Bus Away. It’s an incredible transit app that looks gorgeous on Windows Phone.

  34. Wil Santiago says

    Being able to pin email folders to my start screen is brilliant. I do I.T. so having my “Tickets” folder pinned helps me distinguish if important emails have come in from not so important emails. This makes my job a lot easier.

  35. Tom says

    I think the live tiles an being able to pin contacts would be a tremendous help for me.

  36. Joe Easton says

    It’s all about the live tiles! No need to enter every app for an update anymore.

  37. says

    Hey all, I love the 900 and can’t wait to get one (waiting for my contract to come up). With that said, please don’t enter me to win this phone as I just feel like sharing my story.

    The app I will use most on the 900 is probably the Facebook app, that’s probably not too surprising to many people.

    With that said, and in spirit of mother’s day, and my mother, who passed away at the end of March it is sometimes not so obvious how important a phone can be, apps or not.

    My mother and I weren’t on the best of terms over the past 20 years, in fact I think we only spoke 3 or 4 times during that period. Thankfully I was able to use my cell phone (off all the apps available) and reach out to her before she passed away.

    It’s amazing how a simple phone call can eclipse everything that has happened in the past, and allow people to move forward – on to better places, in peace. I love my mom and am very thankful that I was able to speak to her before she passed.

    So my story is simple. Use the apps, love the features but don’t forget to make that connection or reconnection just by a simple phone call.

  38. says

    The one feature I love about Windows Phone is the People Hub, I mean, having not only your contacts but their live updates at hand is amazing!

    My mom REALLY(not shouting ;)) needs a phone and what better phone than the Lumia 900! :D

  39. says

    Askziggy is a speech enabled personal assistant and Windows Phones answer to iPhones SIRI. You can ask it questions, check weather, call contacts, set reminders to you calendar, and much more all with you voice. A must have app for all Windows Phone owners. Give it a it!

  40. Anand Bhaigade says

    I think OneNote is the app that makes windows phone a truly smart one.We can just share information effectively when we are working together on one project in real time(ppl working in office and the ones travelling).

  41. Jeffrey Young says

    For me the feature that makes my life easier is a combination of the fantastic front and rear camera paired withe the skype app that was just released. I do a lot of travel outside of the country for the Military and skype allowes me to see my wife and my puppy back home. Also the rear camera allows me to capture my travels and easily share them with my family.

  42. says

    The Live Tiles are very efficient and much better than the icons on Android, iOS, etc. That, and the ability to pin contacts and automatically see what they’re up to is a huge time saver!

    Twitter – @J4rrod

  43. techSage says

    Windows Phone makes finding & listening to new music releases easier and cheaper than iTunes or buying CDs. You can get a Zune Pass for $10/mo & listen to anything you want the day it comes out!

  44. Prathiraj says

    Pinning a contact is my favorite feature. With just a tap you have all the ways to connect with the person and all their updates!

  45. Chris Weber says

    The large, bright screen is fantastic, and will save effort scrolling web pages. I have seen one, and it is significantly easier to see in bright sunlight.
    I think I would enjoy the live tiles and especially the People Hub on a daily basis-easier to keep up to date.

  46. says

    Gorgeous phone! I love the idea of having a dedicated camera button because I love to take pictures of random things & sometimes you don’t have time to fumble with the phone to get the camera ready before the moment is over. Having OneNote would also be great since it’s a product I often use on my laptop, so how awesome would that be to have on a mobile phone with me all of the time? :-)

  47. mstiger says

    I like being able to see everything at a glance. I cannot do this with my current phone. Everything is much easier to use instead of going through multiple steps to get to it.

  48. Kien Giang says

    Live tiles would save the most time out of all the features of windows phones. If it were apps, the built in local scout and bing music search would be the quickest time saver since you wouldn’t have to wait for any apps to load.

  49. says

    This would be awesome cause it would be my first smartphone and i could use Microsoft office for school projects and it would be awesome to get on the internet anywhere so thx

  50. Michael says

    Add “4th & Mayor’ to the list of Must-have apps on Windows Phone. Best client for Foursquare on WP!

  51. says

    I would have to say that Local Scout is one of the best time saving features. You can quickly find just about anything around you, along with directions, hours, contact numbers and even reviews. A very handy feature.

  52. says

    I do love the photo studio, its a FUN-tastic andgreat app for capturing precious moments! And especially for the upcoming Mother’s Day! So selfish mom, hope u pick me…:)

  53. says

    I’m entering this for my wife and her horrible time wasting iPhone… She has to reset the data connection almost hourly to keep it working. I can’t narrow down my “favorite apps for her” in just one choice, so here’s a few.

    Her current favorite app is the You Version Bible – with the daily reading plans, reminders and quick lookup features, it makes staying in the Word simple and easy. That brilliant 4.7″ screen will make reading even easier.

    Although it will kill her to give up her Instagram App, Fotoroom is almost as fun, and with one touch sharing to Facebook, it’s just as fast and easy. Plus the camera with the Zeiss lens will blow away the quality of her current camera.

    And finally, Pinsation, for hooking up new pin’s on her Pinterest page. How can you be a crafty Mom without Pinterest?!/Waazzupppp/status/198097185248784385

  54. says

    Rowi would help me and it’s the app I would use most. I tweet A LOT. I tweet from an iPod Touch. I wish I had a Lumia with a Rowi app because then I could tweet from my phone anywhere. Also I would have less gadgets since the ability to tweet would be already built-in to the phone.

  55. Joe says

    I think the calendar and organizational tools would help me the most, as a student. I have a lot of school work, club meetings and volunteering to balance, not to mention friends and family to keep in contact with!

  56. gtscout says

    I currently don’t have a phone… so Windows phon would be an infinite upgrade for me!

  57. MultiplesMom says

    hi… windows phone would be great for taking pictures of my two sets of twins when we play outside this summer

  58. Jane says

    I’ll be honest here, I’m sick of my old iPhone 3GS! It freezes up like no other!

  59. says

    wp looks pretty sweet
    ill be honest i cant relate to the mom appeal of WP not being a mom, lol, but i could def use this to run my computer repair business. i havent joined the twitter craze like all of you sorry

  60. taylorsmom1212 says

    I am trying 2 get my family’s restaurant off the ground

    anything that would make communication better is good news 4 me!!!!

    blessings x

  61. Miley says

    Would be awesome to have that phone and at least try to be a little more organized. Really could have used it in my younger years with the kids!

  62. says

    Love my iPhone, but this sounds interesting…maybe I can pass it on to dh for an early fathers day gift…

  63. Janna Lee says

    A phone that works would be amazing! Mine is a downgrade because me BB broke…for the 3rd time. Windows would be the best feature!

  64. says

    The Live Tiles on the home screen are the reason I want one. Just having your home screen come to life is worth the switch from the iPhone.

  65. Deirdre says

    I never had a smartphone and would love one!! the photo studio app sounds awesome! love taking photos of the kiddies!

  66. Kristopher says

    Easily the camera is the best, Carl Zeiss optics, 8 MP main camera with dual LED flash!

  67. says

    The Skype feature on this phone will definitely make my life easier. I would be able to communicate with my husband, who is overseas, as well as my best friend who is overseas as well.

  68. Li says

    The Live Tiles would save me a lot of time. Much better than what I have right now

  69. says

    The people hub and me tile will be very time saving when I need to check my Facebook and Twitter. With the integration, I will just need to check one app instead of two!

  70. Jesse Hendrickson says

    People Hub is *awesome*. It makes it so much easier to keep up to date with what your friends and family are up to.

  71. Vijaya Malla says

    Search button on the windows phone give me access to the whole world, it can read/translate text for me, see and read images, find good food for me and directions to the restaurants as well. saves a ton of time by giving all information at one place with no app switiching..
    Love windows phone.

  72. matthew ellis says

    souNds fantastic!

    I’d love to have something with a proper front facing camera for Skype!

  73. Phillip says

    Uploading and tagging pictures to Facebook straight from the image gallery means i’m the quickest in the room every time!!

  74. jjMustang says

    My spouse and I both have Windows Phones, so if I win, this would go to my mother-in-law. She needs a new phone because my oldest son threw hers into the dog’s water bowl. It still works, but has intermittent problems. Regardless, this Windows Phone would be a fantastic upgrade to her wannabe-smartphone. We could do Skype video chat when my 3-year-old and 1-week-old sons want to talk to “mamaw” and “papaw.”

  75. Joe says

    I like to pin people to the start screen so I can get all their updates in one spot! No need to open several apps.

  76. erzhik says

    Lumia 900 has a great app Nokia Drive. Offline navigation. This would help me travel from one point to another without paying for navigation apps, this will make trip cheaper and easier.

  77. Gary Altman says

    My wife and I use the calendar function to share a calendar between both phones this a great feature of Windows Live on a Windows Phone!! That way there is no excuse when one of us forget an appointment. What she enters on her’s updates mine and vise-versa!

  78. Rustin Horner says

    The feature that saves the most time with this phone is the People hub which contains both the Facebook and Twitter feeds. It’s great not having to open an app.

  79. anthony claeys says

    I really like the app “Week View”. The life tile is giving me good feedback on whats planned in my agenda, and i can easily see how busy my week was :)

  80. Nate says

    I would definitely use the Lumia 900 to make my mother quit using a “dumbphone,” it kills me to see her SLOWLY browse the web and check her email.

  81. Mike C. says

    My wife could really use the excellent camera on the Lumia. She’d frustrated by the sub-par camera on her current phone.

  82. portmatt says

    Two apps/abilities that I love are the ‘vision’ search. I use it to copy text from documents as well as scan barcodes to get info on products. The newest app that I’ve been using when traveling is still in beta testing. The nokia ‘City Lens’ is quite awesome and interactive. I love walking down the street of a downtown I’m not familiar with, bring up the app and seeing what is available for food/bars/fun.

  83. says

    I already own a WP7(samsung omnia) and I coulnd’t live anymore without the zune pass! And rowi, pictures lab, taptitude, 4th & mayor, netflix… to many great apps!!!

  84. Paul says

    The overall design would help in every facet of my life. The interface is well thought out and super efficient.

  85. DParana says

    The Built-in function to go to camera from sleep mode and upload to Facebook and/or Twitter is excellent. For work the People Hub is excellent to organize contacts by project or department. Pinning these groups to start screen allows quick group e-mails or messages to be sent and the Live Tile lets me know instantly of updates.

  86. Dominick says

    Having 3 kids all in travel sports, the calendar, quick way to take pictures, and live tiles will all be a huge help. Assuming my wife doesn’t steal the phone from me….

  87. Rhinoceros King says

    Taking pictures and posting to Facebook is easiest on WP7. No other OS comes close!

  88. luan says

    Being able to take photo with just a click on the camera button is a huge time saver. That is my most favorite feature of windows phone.

  89. dherholz says

    I love my Samsung Focus, but I’m drooling over the screen size of the Lumia 900.

  90. Bert Offers says

    I like the way its integrated with Outlook for email, calendar, etc. I also like the live tiles, very handy for quick information like weather.

  91. Russell says

    The fact you can see the next appt, the number of emails and the number of messages on the lock screen make quick checks with the phone super easy and fast.

  92. Dawn says

    The Camera features look awesome! I take many photos of horses and animals. With my current phone, it’s so tedious that by the time I get to take the photo, I frequently lose the shot. I would also use the Photo Studio app.

  93. Michael says

    I could only test a Lumia 800 until now – but my impression was the same: A real slick and cool phone!

  94. James Nagy says

    I hate having to use Twitter and Facebook apps on my Android phone… I can’t wait to have them baked into my Windows Phone operating system…… Yum!!!!!

  95. Trevor Moore says

    Windows phone is the most creative and innovative OS on the market. I hope Microsoft keeps up with the pace and makes it a top OS! That being said, the Lumia 900 is AMAZING and I would love a piece of that

  96. rob kopenec says

    I have this phone and have been very happy. Kinda wish I went with cyan instead of black.

  97. kim J says

    I love the live tiles on the windows phone. This is a beautiful phone and I would love to own one. Thanks

  98. Frank says

    Coming from an old blackbery, anything the lumia 900 has to offer will be an upgrade!

  99. Michael says

    So, to add.. that saves me the most time is Maps! It is loaded instantly, recognizes voice commands (“main station”) and provides you with a route (even to walk).
    How nice this would be in foreign cities..

  100. Kevin Chew says

    I think the People Hub integration with Facebook & Twitter would make my day easier. Plus, uploading pics to Facebook would be better than my iPhone.

  101. JstewsMole says

    Certainly the one touch to the camera will be nice, but the ease of checking the social networks is amazing as well.

  102. Nick says

    I have a windows phone and my mom is looking to upgrade to one. Either way it would be put to good use!

  103. Mitch says

    Feature that saves the most time: Message Threading in email.
    App that makes something routinely easier: Tides App. Easy access to important tide information for kayaking the Maine Coast!
    This would make a great Mother’s Day present for the wife!
    Read the instructions again, they are clear. I on the otherhand have difficulties reading!

  104. Karel Jack says

    The Skydrive integration and One Note is amazing. Important information at my fingertips without having to launch multiple apps.

  105. Mike Larsen says

    When traveling abroad, the new Microsoft Translator app will be extremely useful in converting signs, menus, instructions, etc. to English. And when going to multiple countries on the same trip, I ordinarily need to carry a small library of foreign dictionaries with me! Translator will eliminate all of those!

    • rob kopenec says

      I use the app grasshopper to turn on and off lights in my house. Makes my life easier.

  106. Captainmicahp says

    I Wish there was a way to play audio at 2x speed for podcasts and audio books. But the blue color is beautiful.

  107. Ashley Blackwell says

    I want the people hub to make my life easier. It will let me see ALL of my social networks at a glance and quickly post to them too! Bring on that Lumia!

  108. Sheikh Adnan Abdullah says

    I think it’s time for me to give Windows Phone a second look.

  109. Jeffrey Brown says

    I love the new Lumia 900. The best feature that makes things easier for me is the People Hub. I have a lot of social networking going on in my life and the People hub allows me to get to specific contacts quick and see their latest posts and pictures without having to sort through the different social apps. And the ME tile lets me post and see all if my personal stuff immediately. The app I can’t live without is the Sirius/XM Buddy. Having Sirius on the go is my guilty pleasure

  110. rob kopenec says

    I use the app grasshopper to turn on and off lights in my house using my home automation system. It makes my life easier

  111. justin farrar says

    My gf has the black version of this phone. I would love to have the cyan to match! I think I would use the zunepass integration the most. I have it on my PC and to be able to stream any song from anywhere, and Bluetooth it to my car is like a dream!

  112. Nina Rubright says

    My husband and I can easily view both of our calendars on each of our phones by making a few simple adjustments in our Windows Live accounts! We’re also notified via e-mail when anything is changed or added! No more guesswork as to what’s on the agenda for either spouse! Huge time saver!

  113. Sal Chawla says

    Yay for the nokia lumia 900. Its one of those phones you don’t want to let go of. Sleek!

  114. javaghela says

    I want to gift my wife who is a to be mom soon with a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone for not just 1 but all the great features that Windows Phone has. She will definitely love the pictures she takes, ease to share it with everyone and see all our friends and family responses once our bundle of joy arrives. Last but not the least she will get rid of the iPhone she has been using since its launch.

  115. Darren says

    The people hub: use it to view my social feed even if I’m sitting at my computer – its that good!

  116. Josh says

    I love the design of this phone and the windows phone os looks fantastic. My mom would love this phone, especially the color!

  117. Breanne says

    I could really use a camera function like this and the ability to upload to a social network with ease is amazing since I’m a heavy user of FB.