Fiona wanted hearts on her cupcakes…

I might have gone overboard. But I think she’ll like them, and so will her classmates.

This is so easy to do, by the way. I piped melted dipping chocolate onto waxed paper, let it dry for about twenty minutes, then carefully peeled the hearts off and stuck them into the frosting.

I’ve even piped cursive words to place on cakes. As long as you’re very careful when peeling them from the paper, they’ll hold their shape. Plus, you can keep trying on the waxed paper until you get it right, instead of messing up your cake trying to draw with frosting.

So cute, so simple, so many different shape possibilities!

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    Adorable cupcakes! We are crossing our fingers that you made your cupcakes and frosting from scratch (please please please lol). They look great.

    If you are not aware: Ghirardelli® makes a no-tempering melting chocolate that is perfect for your hearts, designs, etc. And the taste factor (for no temper chocolate) is the best we have ever tested.

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      @TCPops: Sadly no – while I make many many awesome things from scratch, I have to agree with my family that the chocolate frosting in a can tastes best. I’ve tried a dozen recipes and can’t get the flavor as good as theirs. If you have any for me to try that tastes like the canned stuff, let me know! Anything other than chocolate, though, it’s often homemade.

      However, I have absolutely no problem with mixes. For many recipes I can’t tell the difference between a scratch cake and a boxed mix. So which one I use depends on what mood I’m in, how busy I am, what I have in the house, etc.

      I’ll have to try the Ghirardelli one you mention. I use the no-tempering Bada Bing chocolate from, and while I’m perfectly happy with them, never hurts to see what else is out there. :-)

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        Your chocolate ‘canned’ frosting looks a lot like a chocolate fudge frosting (although not sure from the photo). Try this one day:

        1 pound of good quality chocolate chips (Like Ghirardelli)
        2 1/3 cups heavy cream
        half stick of good butter (unsalted)

        Place chocolate in heat proof bowl (stainless steel, etc)
        Heat the heavy cream and butter in a saucepan over medium-high. Heat just until butter is completely melted, and cream is starting to boil/bubble.

        Then pour heavy cream/butter mixture over your chocolate in bowl, and let sit for 1 minute. Then stir with a fork or whip. At first it will look as if your milk and chocolate are separating, but if you keep stirring it will soon come together to a rich creamy chocolate.

        Place the bowl in the fridge, and stir it every five minutes, unit it has semi hardened into a spreadable frosting (about 30 minutes, give or take).

        This is delicious and has none of those “chemicals” that canned frostings have.

        On our next trip to NY, we will bring you a Rum Cake (one of our signature cakes) and show you that there is no cake mix on earth that can compete when you take the time to make a cake from scratch :)

        We certainly agree that cake mix has its place in life . . but it is our goal to help people (not eat healthy . . ) but eat BETTER.

        If you try the fudge/ganach frosting – let us know how it turns out :)

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          @TCPops: Oh, I can’t wait to try that frosting! Every other recipe I’ve been given for the canned frosting uses some kind of unsweetened chocolate, and the flavor just isn’t right. The fact that this uses chocolate chips gives me hope! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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