Day 2 of my crazy sleep experiment

Day two of my Everyman Sleep Schedule was totally messed up by something completely out of my control, so I think I might be back at square one. :-( And yes, I’m still wearing yesterday’s clothes. It was a rough night.

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    Girl, you are brave but I’m finding that with less than 6 hours sleep I feel like utter garbage. Going several nites without getting enough rest turns my daytime life into a zombie like existence.

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      @Jean Parks: Same here in the short term, but this is different. This is a long-term thing. People who have done it say that they are less sleepy on this schedule than they were getting eight hours of sleep!

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    Good Luck! I have tried doing things like this before with my sleep schedule and could not make it work. Probably due to my work schedule.

    Where did you get the idea to do this again?

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    Well Selfish MOm,

    I showed this to my wife. She wasn’t happy with me. But, then I showed her the title to your blog. Her tone changed. Thanks for the support!

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