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I’m kind-of a disaster when it comes to organizing some things. OK, most things. My kitchen is really the only part of my life that’s organized, and it always stays that way – the spices are alphabetized, every single plastic container has a matching lid, and everything has a place. But that’s it. The kitchen. Everything else – from our health records to receipts to financial info – is in piles around my house, when it exists at all.

When I first heard about AboutOne I knew it was for me. It was started by a mom who couldn’t gather the info she needed when she needed it (man, that sounds familiar). So, she invented a place where she could get organized.


AboutOne gives me a place online to organize and store so many different aspects of my life. You start out by entering basic info about your family, your house, doctors, schools, etc. (earning points along the way).

That info is then used to populate various functions on the site. Here’s a sample:

Babysitting Instructions – Leaving your kids for the evening? Quickly and easily print out an instruction sheet for the babysitter with contact numbers, doctors and insurance info, allergies, medications, and more.

Education and Health Histories – Filling out forms? The info you need is at your fingertips.

Home Inventory – This may be my favorite feature. If we were ever to get robbed I’d be at a loss as to what was missing. So, using the awesome AboutOne Windows Phone app, I went around my house today photographing my stuff and making notes. In the future, I can add a snapshot of a receipt right when I buy something, or a url to warranty info or an online manual.


Volunteer Hours – My kids’ school has a volunteer requirement for graduation, and this is where I’ll be keeping track of their hours.

Home Maintenance Info – For someone who lives in a really old falling apart house and who’s been renovating for five years, you’d think I’d at least have my act together about home maintenance and improvements. I’m hoping AboutOne will make this a reality. And if we ever sell our house we’ll have a record of what we’ve done. Plus, I can store appliance info.

Newsletter – As you go about your life, talking pictures of activities and milestones, entering them into the AboutOne app allows you to instantly produce a family newsletter. How great would it be to just automatically send something like that to the grandparents?


There are several pricing packages to choose from. The Essentials Package is free and gives you access to a wide range of features. The Premium Package includes everything in the Essentials Package plus a lot more storage and a family calendar function. Eventually there will also be a Premium Plus Package, but the features for that one haven’t been announced yet.

Here’s the great news for my readers though: Since the site is still in beta and not all of the features have been rolled out yet, you get a HUGE bonus for signing up right now: a free year of the Premium service! The features are being added monthly, and they should all be out by the end of the summer, which will give you plenty of time to enjoy your feature-packed free membership! Just visit AboutOne with this link and and sign up, and you automatically get the Premium service for a year!

I’m so excited to be getting started with this site. My goal is to take just a few minutes each day and see what I can add. By the end of the summer I plan to be ready for school forms, ready for any disasters that hopefully won’t befall my stuff, and ready to keep my family up-to-date on what we’re doing over here in our corner of the world. And I’m so happy somebody else went to the trouble of organizing it all for me.

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  1. Shane says

    I’m gonna check that site now and see what has to offer their visitors. Aside from Home inventory feature, what’s your second favorite? Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      @Shane: If I can manage to keep up with it (and I’m really talking about 5 or 10 minutes a day, that’s it), I think I’m going to like the newsletter feature. I totally suck at keeping my family up on what we’re doing.

    • says

      @Maria: So glad you signed up! I just added a couple of pictures from something my daughter did at school today. Can’t wait for the newsletter!

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