Bring your budding bloggers to the Digital Family Summit

The Digital Family Summit

I’m so thrilled to be attending the very first Digital Family Summit in Philadelphia at the end of June, as a guest of the organizers. But it won’t just be me attending, it will be my kids as well – owners of a couple of websites that they can’t wait to get off the ground. And this conference is going to help them.

The Digital Family Summit is unlike any other blogging conference I’ve ever been to, because it’s about kids, teens, and families who blog. And it doesn’t stop at blogging – there will also be sessions on startups and entrepreneurship, creating games, animating, blogging for good, and more. Plus  you can learn about the legal and privacy ramifications of kids online.

My kids have attended several blogging and social media conferences with me so far, and while there were certain activities for them to do while I was in sessions, the conference wasn’t for them. This one is. The parties and meals, the sessions, it’s all family friendly and designed for kids 10-18 (that’s a rough guide – you know your kids).

The speaker list is absolutely astounding. It ranges from seasoned professionals to teens who are already at the tops of their niches, creating content and companies and blazing a trail for other young bloggers. Whether your child is interested in making money from a blog or YouTube channel, food blogging, travel blogging, starting a company, blog design, or photography, there will be sessions at the Digital Family Summit for your kid.

It doesn’t matter whether you and your kids already know how to blog, or are just interested – this conference is for you. There are some great guidelines on the summit’s faq page about who should attend, what kind of ticket each attendee needs, and what there will be at the summit for non-blogging kids. Everyone who attends is required to register, and each ticket includes six meals and three snacks.

There’s also a reduced conference rate at the hotel where the sessions are being held, but you have to hurry – that rate expires on June 7th, if it doesn’t get sold out first.

Plus, here’s an amazing deal for my readers: use the code Centsible when you register for the conference, and you’ll get 20% off the ticket price! (That code is from Kelly Whalen’s site, and if you check out her post about the summit before May 31st, you can enter to win conference registration for a family of five!)

I would love to see you and your kids in Philadelphia. I can’t tell how excited my kids are to not just be tolerated, but included and welcomed at a conference. And who knows, maybe some of the kids who attend the conference this year will be so inspired that they’ll be teaching sessions next year! :-)

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