Holiday couch shopping: coasters

It was a gorgeous day outside, about 85 degrees. The Ass took the kids to the park to ride bikes. I had the house to myself. So what did I do? Shopped online for coasters.

The men in my life drink a lot of ice water, which in sticky weather like this leaves huge puddles around their glasses. I got rid of our old, broken, ugly, cheapo set of coasters a little while back, meaning to get some before the hot weather hit. But naturally I forgot.

I slogged through hundreds of choices on Amazon, and I’ve posted my favorites below. Even if you don’t need coasters, they make great hostess and housewarming gifts, and there are enough choices that you can match the coasters to the personality of the recipient.

Warning: affiliate links ahead. But remember when I said I slogged through hundreds of choices to curate this list? Surely that’s worth making a few pennies off of your order. :-)


For Wine Enthusiasts

Sparkly Wine Coasters

Ooh, sparkly.

Wine Label Coasters

These nostalgic coasters are made out of absorbent sandstone and feature old wine labels.

Butterfly Slip-On Wine Coasters

These wine coasters slip on to the bottom of a wine glass. Great for parties.

Flip-Flop Slip-On Wine Coasters

These are similar to the butterfly coasters above, but they’re flip-flops. So, yeah. Maybe for your beach house? Also available in bright colors.

Wine Cork Coasters

We all know someone who could fill these coasters with corks in just a few weeks. Tell your wino friends you love them with this unique gift. You could also add a matching trivet set.

Slip-On Stemware Coasters

These pretty silicone coaster stretch to fit the bottoms of different sized stemware. Also helps your guests keep track of which glass is theirs.

For Game Lovers

Puzzle Coasters

These stainless steel coasters might be the world’s easiest jigsaw puzzle, but they’re still pretty cool. Plus, I’m guessing you could connect more than one set together.

Rubik’s Cube Coasters

Stacked together, these six coasters form the world’s most frustrating game. Add a Rubik’s Cube notepad for the superfan.

Domino Coasters

This set of six glass coasters is perfect for a friend who loves playing Dominos. Although you probably can’t get much of a game going with six dominos.

Scrabble Coasters

This set of 56 disposable bar coasters contains two entire letter sets, and comes in a cute tin. Goes well with Magnetic Scrabble Refrigerator Tiles.

For Stainless Steel Lovers

Sleek Round Coasters

These simple discs will appeal to someone who likes clean lines and order. Give them to your OCDest friend.

Brushed Steel Non-Stick Coasters

These are the ones I ended up getting. I hate it when I pick up my glass and the coaster comes with it.

Hammered Stainless Coasters

Adorable and stackable.

For TV & Movie Fans

Star Trek Coasters

Insert “Jim Beam me up, Scotty” joke here.

I Love Lucy Coasters

If you love Lucille Ball, you’ll love these coasters. (Sorry, I had to say it.)

Star Wars Coasters

Yeah, I know a few people who would love this set of ten laminated wood coasters. I’m embarrassed for them.

Wizard of Oz Coasters

Each of these four laminated wood coasters has a different scene from the movie. Add some mugs and make a fan very very happy.

Marilyn Monroe Coasters

She’s gorgeous, even with a glass on her face. Add some old-fashioned glasses with the famous blowing skirt image.

For Music Lovers

Recycled Vinyl Record Coasters

Each coaster in this set of six is made from an actual vinyl LP with its label intact, and coated in mylar. Add a Vinyl Record Bowl for a great theme gift.

Record Coasters

Unlike the reclaimed coasters above, these ones aren’t made of actual records. But they are dishwasher safe.

Beatles Album Cover Coasters

This thirteen coaster set comes in a tin and includes thirteen different Beatles album covers. Each coaster is made out of laminated wood, with a cork backing. Add a deck of Beatles Playing Cards so that you have something to do while you drink.

Cool Designs

Cloth Coasters

Made of durable cloth, these colorful coasters have abstract designs.

Colorful Design Coasters

I’m not quite sure why, but I think these would make aging hippies smile.

Ruby Glass Coaster Set

Pretty and unique.

Moiré Coasters

These black & white optical illusion coasters have patterns that look like they’re moving.

Frank Lloyd Wright Coasters

Made of super-absorbent sandstone.

Starry Night Coasters

Can’t afford the van Gogh original? Don’t worry, these are better: there’s four of them, and they can get wet (I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to get the original wet).

Silver & Black Party Coasters

Made of thick cardstock, these cool-looking coasters are semi-disposable but inexpensive. Perfect for big parties. Also comes in gold and silver patterns.

Sandstone Coasters with Walnut Holder

These are made of natural sandstone and come with this cool solid walnut stand-up holder.

For Serious Drinkers

How Drunk Are You? Coaster Set

I don’t need to look at these glass coasters to know which one I’ll be: I’m always the sober one sitting in the corner judging the rest of you. They come in shot glasses too.

Alcohol Warning Coasters

Forget birth defects and liver problems. These frosted glass coasters will let you in on the real dangers of drinking to excess.

For Sandwich Lovers

Toast Coasters

Say that three times fast.

Sandwich Coasters

These disposable cardboard coasters would be a funny addition to a BBQ. Also comes in hamburger form.

For Beach Lovers

Tropical Beach Coasters

If you can’t make it to a tropical beach, you can at least get drunk and look at these coasters.

Stoneware Starfish Coasters

Stoneware absorbs condensations. And as a bonus, these are dishwasher safe!

Mother-Of-Pearl Coasters

These pretty coasters come wrapped with decorative shells.

Sandstone Beach Coasters

Pretty beach scenes on absorbent natural sandstone.

Green Gifts

Cork Coasters

These coasters from Natural Home are harvested from living cork trees, so you can give your environmentally-friendly friends a gift that hopefully won’t earn you a lecture in return.

Bamboo Coasters

These eco-friendly coasters, also made by Natural Home, are made from fast-growing bamboo.

Circuit Board Coasters

Made of actual discarded circuit boards, this set of six coasters comes in a tin and makes a geeky green gift.

Bamboo Coasters and Placemats

This pretty set is made of woven bamboo. Plus, the placemats roll up for storage.

Slate Coasters in Bamboo Holder

I honestly don’t know if slate is “green” or not, but at least the holder is made out of bamboo.

For That Special Friend

Bear Coasters

I haven’t gotten around to sending a set of these silicone bear coasters to Stephen Colbert yet, but I’m going to.

Mini Rug Coasters

Not only do these rug coasters have real fringe, they also double as flying carpets for your dolls.

Ugly Shirt Coasters

If you know someone who wears shirts like these, you owe it to them to get these coasters.

Splat Stan Coaster

Stan died trying to keep your table free of rings. Also check out Stan’s friends, Dead Fred the Pen Holder and Dead Mark the Squashed Flat Bookmark.

Moose Canoe Coasters

For the person who has everything.

Portal Testing Coasters

I couldn’t figure out exactly what Portal Testing is, but I bet you have a nerdy friend who knows and would really appreciate these.

For People You Like To Spend Money On

Black Top Grain Leather Coasters

Hand-wrapped leather with a felt bottom, these are perfect for dad.

Boot Leather Coasters

Made of thick boot-grade leather with a cool stand-up leather case.

Nambe Twist Coasters

The most expensive set on this list. If you want to blow some more cash, add the Nambe Twist Salt & Pepper Set.

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