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Randomosity: Repetition Edition

I’ve been telling my husband for years that I was going to make a video of all of the recycled lines from Aaron Sorkin’s shows Sports Night and West Wing (I didn’t want to include Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip because I didn’t want to watch it again). Well, someone went way further than […]

Randomosity: Incestuous Family Comedy Edition

  So first of all, I didn’t know there was an adult kickball league. Second of all, this guy gets serious style points.   *** This is just awesome: An Open Letter To All Parents From A Non-Parent. And thanks to my friend Gabby for posting it on Facebook. *** This story about the family […]

Having XBox HD Streaming Issues? Try This Router (and I’m Giving One Away!)

[This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Wendy, comment #12. Thanks for entering!] I’d always assumed that WiFi routers were all pretty much the same: just get the latest one from a known brand name, and you’re good to go. We’ve been using one from our cable company that’s very new. It worked […]

Get any TV online with WD TV Live–and a chance to win one!

[This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Stephanie, comment #12. Thank you to all who entered.] The ability to play Netflix movies and show the pictures from my laptop on a TV is so prevalent at this point, I get annoyed when I can’t. With the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player from […]

Randomosity: Deep Fried Tech edition

This is just weird. It’s so bizarre I can’t decide if I like it or not. Basically, it’s art in the form of battering and deep-frying gadgets. I’m leaning toward liking it, because I get a sick satisfaction from seeing so many Apple products destroyed by hot oil. See more of them at Cool Hunting. […]

Randomosity: Frivolous Lawsuit Edition

Every frivolous lawsuit should be handled this way. Funny site The Oatmeal had their stuff stolen by another site, and then that other site had the audacity demand $20K for what The Oatmeal said about them. And then things got hilarious. I make decent stove-top popcorn (when I’m not munching on my favorite dieting crutch, […]

The Next-Worse Thing To losing your child

If you want me to cry, just give me something to read or watch about a child dying. Doesn’t matter the circumstances or the age. It’s simply not supposed to happen in that order. I lose it every time. It is my biggest fear. But a close second is the thought of me dying while […]

Dear parents: It’s not All About Your Kid. Sincerely, The Rest of the World

I got home about an hour ago from my kids’ dance festival, a great annual school event where every single class gathers in the schoolyard and every kid performs. It’s a fantastic idea. But there seemed to be an unusually high number of people today who decided that it was OK to simply stand in […]

Junk Science and Your Gay Family

When studies like this come out it just sickens me. This is not science. This is comparing apples to…sidewalk chalk? For this so-called study adults were polled about their childhoods, and then that data was compared to how they were doing as adults (emphasis is mine): The children of parents who at some point had […]

Randomosity: Fat Doggy Edition

What was I reading this week on the interwebs? Seems just about everybody was reading this hilarious yet tragic (hilarotragic?) twitter story of a sleazy married actor who spent an entire flight hitting on the model he was sitting next to. Since she was completely disinterested and he wouldn’t shut up, she tweeted the whole […]