Randomosity: Fat Doggy Edition

What was I reading this week on the interwebs?

Seems just about everybody was reading this hilarious yet tragic (hilarotragic?) twitter story of a sleazy married actor who spent an entire flight hitting on the model he was sitting next to. Since she was completely disinterested and he wouldn’t shut up, she tweeted the whole thing – including a link to his profile on imdb! Oops. What are the odds that his wife doesn’t go online, like ever?

And now for something completely different: check out this collection of 40 of the most powerful photos ever taken. I couldn’t get through it without crying.

I’ve been to IKEA countless times, but never really thought much about the origins of the company and its effect on the world. (Usually I’m just wondering if there’s any cheese at the end of the maze.)

windows phone gear logo

Windows Phone fans get a lot of flack for our bold choice of phone OS, but I say we should flaunt our love every chance we get. Windows is finally helping us do that with an awesome new logo, available on everything from mugs to onesies. “I <3 Windows Phone” – get it? Check out the Windows Phone Gear Store.

This post about sending your white children to a middle school where they’ll be in the minority race really hit home. It’s one of the things my husband and I have to consider for our son, who’s about to graduate fifth grade. It hurts me that most of the local public schools don’t reflect our neighborhood’s racial make-up. Where are all the white kids? Private schools, religious schools, and public schools in other districts. It’s a slap in the face to the kids who don’t really have a choice other than their local school. And yet…we might do the same thing. It really sucks when you have to choose between standing up for what you believe in and gambling with your child’s future. So I really appreciate this mom’s dilemma and applaud her candor.

The lengths people will go to. An eleven-year-old started a fake Facebook profile, and kept it up for more than a decade, creating many more fake profiles to keep up with an invented marriage and eleven children, including one with cancer. The whole thing unraveled recently when she killed off the pregnant mother in a car accident. Just sick.

My friend Ilina wrote a beautiful – but sad – post about how testing is sucking the life and joy out of her boys’ school.

And last, only in NYC: my friend Nancy’s dog booked a Target commercial, but then lost it – because he needs to lose one pound.


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