Randomosity: Deep Fried Tech edition

This is just weird. It’s so bizarre I can’t decide if I like it or not. Basically, it’s art in the form of battering and deep-frying gadgets. I’m leaning toward liking it, because I get a sick satisfaction from seeing so many Apple products destroyed by hot oil. See more of them at Cool Hunting.



This study fascinated me: when signs were posted near sugary soft drink displays translating the number of calories into how many minutes it would take to jog them off, teenagers were half as likely to buy them.

So apparently Special-K is going to start using plus-sized models in some of its ads, but frankly, this woman doesn’t look plus-sized to me. In fact, she looks about 20 pounds lighter than my goal weight. Still, I guess it’s a step in the right direction.

Special K Plus Size

My friend Amy wrote a great post about her thighs, and the lasting effect it can have when you’re labeled as “big.” Plus, it includes an awesome picture of her as a cheerleader.

Can you tell what designer Pete Fecteau used to make this portrait of MLK? I couldn’t either. Here’s a hint: he used 4,242 of them. Click over to the post to find out.

Amazing Portrait


Have you helped anyone lately? Because this guy saved someone from drowning one day, and then saved two more people from drowning the very next day! That would be less mind-blowing if he were a lifeguard, but he was just in the right place at the right time in the aftermath of a car accident and a small plane crash.

And since many of today’s links have to do with weight and body image, I’ll leave you with this: instead of telling you how many calories a given activity burns, the “Lose One Pound” calculator gives you a list of dozens of activities, and tells you how many minutes you’d have to do each one in order to lose a pound. Incidentally, I would have to play piano for 15 hours to lose a pound. It doesn’t say if the piece has to be allegro.

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