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Randomosity: Repetition Edition

I’ve been telling my husband for years that I was going to make a video of all of the recycled lines from Aaron Sorkin’s shows Sports Night and West Wing (I didn’t want to include Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip because I didn’t want to watch it again). Well, someone went way further than I would have, including just about everything Sorkin has ever written. Enjoy.



I admit that when I see a really driven, almost robot-like Olympic athlete I assume that somewhere there’s a parent threatening to kick her out of the house if she doesn’t bring home the gold. I mean, I’m sure that’s the exception and not the rule, but I do wonder how much of the choice to compete is left to the kids. So, it was refreshing to read this interview with Michael Phelps’ mom. Kind-of restored my faith in that whole area.


How cute are these Toy Story cupcakes? Yes, they’re adorable. But what makes them postworthy is the fact that they don’t require the skills of a pastry chef, like some over-the-top cupcakes I see online. The most complicated thing you have to do is cut something into the shape of a leaf. And it’s for an alien’s ear, so it doesn’t even have to look that good.



I don’t think I know anyone with a collection of anything who thinks they’re going to retire on it. I know my original Burger King Darth Vader glass from the early 80s isn’t going to get me a condo in Boca. But apparently there are people out there with terrible taste and terrible financial sense who think their ugly figurines are actually going to be worth something some day. “I tell people that keeping collectibles is like storing money under your mattress. You’re going to have the same amount of money next year, but it’s going to be worth a lot less.” Read about all of them here. I hope you don’t recognize yourself.


This video makes me want to buy a TomTom:



My blogging friend Lisa Belkin posted this list of things that Nora Ephron said she would miss, and what she wouldn’t. It brings tears to my eyes to think that she knew she had an aggressive disease when she wrote it, but hadn’t made that public.


I found these ten shocking secrets of flight attendants to be very interesting, if not exactly shocking (OK, number one was rather jarring). What was shocking is that I wasn’t aware of any of them. Add flight attendant to the list of jobs I never ever want to have.


And last, I went to a party at my friend Ann’s house last week, and had to take a video of her drink machine.


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2 Responses to “Randomosity: Repetition Edition”

  1. Nancy on July 6th, 2012 3:10 am

    So I just had to tell you – Aaron Sorkin went to High School with my sister. Thought you’d like to know. Ha!
    Nancy recently posted..Barcelona: Day 3My Profile

    Amy Reply:

    @Nancy: Of COURSE he did! I wonder if he did the walk-and-talk pedaconference thing back then too.