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Weight loss-Friendly Cauliflower Bake


If you were to look at the list of foods I’ve eaten in the past ten days, you probably wouldn’t believe I’m trying to lose weight. I have this crazy goal of weighing 140 pounds by the time I turn forty towards the end of October. Why 140? Aside from the almost-symmetry of weight and age, that’s the last weight I remember feeling satisfied with. The last time I would go clothes shopping without getting frustrated. The last time I didn’t stress about packing for a trip. Actually, I think most of my weight-loss motivation may have to do with clothes.

Anywho, I also have another, shorter-term goal: to take full advantage of my kids being at sleepaway camp. The first week they were gone I think my husband and I went out to eat together four times. Four glorious, babysitterless times. Then the DietBet started, and I needed to find a way to enjoy this time with my husband and still lose some weight. So far, so good. In fact, we ate our way through Montreal this past weekend without doing too much damage to my weight loss: I’ve lost two pounds since the competition began.

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