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Weight loss-Friendly Cauliflower Bake

If you were to look at the list of foods I’ve eaten in the past ten days, you probably wouldn’t believe I’m trying to lose weight. I have this crazy goal of weighing 140 pounds by the time I turn forty towards the end of October. Why 140? Aside from the almost-symmetry of weight and […]

Hanna Andersson’s Garden City Store

I was compensated to host the event discussed below, but purchases made were my own. Since there is no Hanna Andersson store in New York City, I will have to console myself with the gorgeous location at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. I got to see it for myself last week (and go […]

A quick, healthy, solo pasta lunch

I’ll freely admit something that my foodie friends find awful: I love frozen food. Love it. I eat frozen meals frequently and it has nothing to do with weight loss (although they really do help me out with portion control, my main food problem). Lunch for me is often a package of frozen vegetables over […]

There’s a 62% chance I’m going to die in my house

[This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Kayla.] [This post was commissioned by Kidde] OK, that’s not exactly true. It might be worse: given my clumsy nature I’m sure my odds are way higher than that. I mean, we have four staircases in our house, and I’ve fallen down every one of them. […]

Randomosity: Bad Ernie Edition

This just shouldn’t make me laugh as hard as it does. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Do not click play if you don’t want to hear things coming out of Ernie’s mouth that just shouldn’t be coming out. However, do click if you’re a fan of Casino. The end just kills me.   […]

Great Sportsmanship

This is one of those stories that makes me miss my kids (they’re at camp), because I love showing them examples of people not being dicks. Over the weekend during the Tour de France, some jerk threw tacks onto the road. Over a dozen riders got flat tires, including the defending champ from last year, […]

The Thing Everybody’s Missing About The Rape Joke

So there’s this comedian, Daniel Tosh. He has a show on Comedy Central, Tosh.0, in which he makes fun of internet videos. I’ve seen it, since I’m basically married to a twelve-year-old boy when it comes to shows about fart jokes and drunk people doing stupid things. I don’t find the show funny, I don’t […]

A Heaping Bowl of Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Last night I showed my husband a recipe in the latest King Arthur Flour catalog for Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, and he wanted me to make it immediately. He even went to the store for the sour cream that we didn’t have and the egg that I dropped on the floor while taking it […]

The Best Corn Shucking Tip EVER!

A few weeks ago my step-mother posted this video on facebook, in which a man shows a really easy way to shuck corn. So easy, in fact, I didn’t believe that it would work. So, I tried it: Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise […]

Fantastic picky eater advice from Melissa d’Arabian

[The following post was written as part of my paid ambassadorship with Hidden Valley] I had the chance recently to talk to Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian, and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable interviews ever. She’s the kind of person I would love to sit down with for a […]