Inspire and Instruct Your Kids with PaperSalt Books–and maybe win some!

This giveaway is now closed, but you can still use the discount code to order your own PaperSalt books until the end of July, 2012! Just enter the code “selfish mom” and you’ll get 30% off of PaperSalt’s already low prices. Congratulation to our winner, Jen, entry number five. And thanks to all who entered!

[The following post was commissioned by PaperSalt.]

Recently PaperSalt books sent me a sampling of their line to try, and I’m in love. I opened the package with my mom and we were both giggling as we looked through them. Let me introduce you to this incredibly cute and useful line of books for families (and make sure to read all the way to the end, because there’s an awesome discount and giveaway!).

The books are divided into categories like “Manners and Respect,” “Healthy Lifestyle,” “Teens,” and “For Fun.” They’re witty, concise, full of common sense, printed on thick paper, and created by parents. Almost all of them are under $10, and the booklet of tear-out kid coupons is only $7.50!

I was able to check out three of them, and was delighted with each. My kids will be getting a lot of use out of these.

Kid Coupons

This is a book of tear-out coupons for rewarding your kids. I’ve always found that concrete rewards motivate my kids better than vague promises. My kids got really excited when they flipped through this book, picking out the coupons they would most want to earn.

Some of my favorites:

And of course, for those rewards they haven’t thought of but you know your kids would love:

These coupons are sturdy, printed on thick cardstock – not like something you would print out yourself. These feel “official.” :-)

Dinner Table Manners

This adorable book is filled with reminders of how to behave when eating, with advice like this:

Or this little gem that, I admit, I need reminding about too:

This book, like all of the others (except the kid coupon book) is wire-bound with double-rows of sturdy wire, and the pages have empty space on them. Both of these features make this book perfect for taking notes on the different guidelines in the book. I could even see putting stickers on the pages when a younger child masters a certain rule.

When I tell my kids the things in this book, I’m met with eye rolls. But there’s something different about seeing the guidelines in print, like letting your children know that these aren’t just bizarre concepts their own parents came up with. They’re pretty much universally-accepted standards. Kids don’t like to listen to their parents, it’s just natural. My kids will believe what they read in a book over what I say any day.

Things To Know Before Leaving The Nest

This was my favorite book of all. Even though my oldest won’t be leaving the nest for ten years, I see this book as a checklist for myself of all of the things I should be teaching them before they go off to college, and then they’ll get to take the book with them as a reminder. It’s full of advice on everything from how to balance a checkbook and pack a suitcase to what to do if you get into a car accident. I learned a lot reading it! [UPDATE: Just found out that this book has been renamed How To Ditch Your Parents! Same great info, different title and design.]

And my absolute favorite:

PaperSalt Discount

PaperSalt is very generously giving my readers a discount of 30% off of your entire order! These are quality books that you could be proud to give as gifts, and with this discount you’d be able to get most of the books for under $7, and the Kid Coupon book for $5.25 (before taxes and delivery, of course). Just enter the coupon code “selfish mom” and you’re set. The coupon code will expire at the end of July, 2012.

The Giveaway

One of my lucky readers will win an assortment of five PaperSalt books:

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which book you would want most and who you would give it to. You can see all of the PaperSalt books here.

For a second entry, you can tweet about the contest with a link back to this post. The tweet must contain “@SelfishMom” (but should not start with it). Or, you can just copy and paste this:

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That’s two entries per household, please. Approximate prize value is $48.75. Prize fulfillment will be carried out by PaperSalt. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter, and prize can only be shipped to the US and Canada. This contest will close at noon-ish on Wednesday, July 11th. Void where prohibited by law.

The winner will be chosen by approximately 24 hours after the contest closes; the winner will be emailed and the winner’s name will be posted at the top of this post once the winner is verified. It is each entrant’s responsibility to make sure that their entry appears in the comment section, and to contact me before the drawing if there is a problem. Entries that do not follow the rules stated in this post will not be approved. See my complete Giveaway Rules page for more information.

Good luck!

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  1. Denise Traynor says

    i love the books because they are short and to the point and funny and great gifts

  2. Jessica says

    Very cute! I needed that reminder about the chores – off to finish the dishes!

  3. Tia says

    They all sound great but I think I would like Quotes, specifically for my middle child.

  4. says

    These books look good. I especially like the coupon books…maybe because I used to make coupons for my kids. Back in the “Olden Days”! Table Manners is possibly the most needed these days. Actually, just good manners in general is needed. I’m glad somebody is writing this stuff!

  5. says

    We have the “Being a girl book” & “Being a teenage girl book” my girls LOVE them as do I. I think they did an amazing job on them & would love to have the “Quotes” book to share with all of our kiddos! Kids today can use as much positive influence as they can get!

  6. Marija says

    I fill like idiot that my first post is on give-away page, but I just found your blog today…
    And really cool give-away to top off the witty writing.

  7. Born27 says

    I would choose quotes for my daughter! Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful giveaway. Good luck to all!