Time for another Diet Bet! Are you in?

Diet Bet logoIt’s time, I’m running another Diet Bet! What is that? It’s a great way to motivate yourself to lose weight. Everybody puts $50 into the pot, and we try to lose 4% of our body weight in four weeks. Everybody who meets the goal splits the pot! On my last one, twelve out of twenty met their goals! As for the other eight? Well, we got to split their money. :-)

The game starts this Sunday, July 15th, and runs until Saturday, August 11th. You can see the complete rules on the Diet Bet rules page.

So, are you in? This will be my third one, and I love the extra push it gives me.

Some notes if you’ve read my previous posts on Diet Bet, because things have changed a bit over there. One, I no longer hold your money. So if you felt weird paypaling money to a stranger, well, you’ll still be sending it to a stranger, but a company instead of me. Diet Bet now holds on to the money, and charges a modest 5% fee ($2.50 for our bet) to run the game. You can pay them via paypal or credit card.

Also, the weigh-in procedures have changed. You don’t send those pictures to me, you send them to Diet Bet, and they have some other additions to the procedure (you have to write a word on a piece of paper and put it in your pictures, there has to be a full body shot of you on the scale – you’ll get more details when you sign up). All good changes in my opinion, since it takes most of the work away from the person running the game (me) and may help convince more people to participate.

So, let’s do this! Sign up for my latest Diet Bet!

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